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Thank you Everyone, You Gave me My Life Back! Confused? Read on…


So I wrote this article on My Trending Stories called Why Blog?  Can it Save Your Life? if anyone wants to read.  Not exactly the type of life saving that you’re probably thinking of but it’s a deep article from the heart and it will either be well received or laughed at so why not have a read.  My Trending Stories have fixed the broken comments section too so feel free to comment there :).

In other news of My Trending Stories I hope you like the penguin picture (above) which I edited from Pixabay.  Someone else on the site has used one of my edited images! 😮   Bit disconcerting as I thought by editing and adding things to these free images I make them unique and you’d recognise my articles apart from a similar imaged article but apparently it’s ok to just use each others images?!  Can’t think what one blogger who posts his own artwork would think of that!  Anyway this last paragraph was my own mini rant but please enjoy (or ridicule) my article on the site! 🙂


10 thoughts on “Thank you Everyone, You Gave me My Life Back! Confused? Read on…

  1. I wonder why anyone would want to use your special image! Perhaps this person really has no idea how these things work and might need a little hint?
    I really enjoyed your article on My Trending Stories. I can’t see that anyone would laugh at it at all. It is well written, heartfelt, true as well as brave and will be great encouragement to anyone in a similar position. I read about you not being able to read for ages after the traumatic event in your life. I too, couldn’t read for about a year after my first marriage broke up. I couldn’t concentrate on TV programmes or films either. I am so glad you are starting to write again.

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    1. Thank you, I suppose that thought that people would laugh at it is part of my low self esteem still getting the better of me.
      Yes indeed I just couldn’t face doing much, and especially nothing that brought pleasure like reading. I’m so sorry to hear that you have suffered some of this too. Depression in any form is just so horrible and robs us of any kind of life. You are such a wonderful friend and you are always so happy and supportive I hope all is well for you now.
      As for my writing it is just new, I have only started little bits but you never know, maybe one day there might be a book! With such wonderful supportive people here a part of me could see it happening and that is enough to keep me encouraged to keep going 🙂

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      1. I am fine now, thank-you so much ❤ I remarried in 1994 and all is well. Both my daughters have problems with depression and anxiety as you probably know so I can empathise and sympathise with you. I know it takes a very long time to regain self-esteem and in my case I doubt whether I will ever be anywhere near as confident as I used to be. Traumatic experiences can cause so much damage, a lot of it irreparable, but we have to try to do what we can and use our experiences to good advantage. It is sad to lose our innocence and trust but we are more rounded human beings now. A writer who hasn't experienced joy and profound misery is only half a writer!

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      2. Aww, don’t think you can’t regain your confidence but you are right some damage can never be taken back. I don’t wish to publically post it here but I have suffered some bad things in childhood which certainly made me grow up and in some sense took away my childhood, probably why I like to do silly things these days, a bit like reliving the childhood I didn’t have back then.
        I think your statement about writers is true though! How many writers do we hear about who have suffered many traumas and have dark and depressing pasts, in face depression though painful and crushing at its worst can lead to the most profound writing and art out there. I think through going through horrible experiences those of us who have lived through it become more compassionate and caring human beings than some others can ever imagine. You are always so postitive, encouraging and such a wonderful friend to me here on wordpress. One time you even asked if I was alright when I hadn’t posted for a while. Nobody has been so kind in my life before (apart from my mum) and I really thank you and hope you know how much I value your friendship even though we only know each other through blogging. ❤
        p.s. if you ever wanted to talk privately either email (thehkatATyahooDOTcoDOTuk) me or search thehappymeerkat on facebook :). No need to but if you ever wanted to ❤ :). Take good care you are a wonderful person and you deserve to be fully confident again 🙂

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