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I am currently closed to submissions.  Please respect this.

Please check out the Book Review Directory for other reviewers.

I you wish to contact me about anything other than reviewing my email is or if it is book related (But no unsolicited review requests at this time please)

IMPORTANT – exceptions to the below are publisher’s, or publicist’s/agents especially looking for long-term cooperation, authors I have reviewed for or know personally (or been referred via a friend – let me know who), or those who are not looking for a review at this time but some other form of promotion.

NEW SUBMISSIONS PLEASE READ:  I have to temporarily close my submissions to as my to-be-read pile is just so long I have nearly a year’s worth of books to read.  I am also struggling with recent headache related problems to read digital books which make up the majority of my reading.  I’m not sure how long I will have my submissions closed but I will attempt to open in around three months, giving me enough time to get a significant portion of my reading done.  If you are new and would like me to review your work please try again when I open my submissions back up.  I may occasionally make an exception if you can provide a hard copy (I know it may seem unfair to those that cannot but until my reading list goes down I’m just not able to accept any more).  If you are looking for a review please check the Book Review Directory (I am listed there) for other reviewers who may be able to review for you.  Thank you for your patience and understanding 🙂 .

If you would like to request a review, or a chance to have your book or yourself appear on this blog by way of cover reveals, guest posts, interviews ,etc then please check the details below and then submit your request via the form or send to  PLEASE READ ALL SUBMISSIONS to ensure your request fits into this blog and to better avoid the chances of being turned down.  I will email people back but am currently late in replying due to Christmas holidays.

Please note I reserve the right to turn down any book requested for a review.  There can be multiple reasons for this, please read on:

Book Reviews

This website/blog is primarily a site filled with book reviews and I am very happy to review a range of different books & short stories and colouring books.  However I do not review all books that are requested and cannot guarantee a positive 4 or 5 star review.  Please see all the details below:

Proofread book

Before mentioning anything else please make sure your book is properly edited!!!  I have a very good level of English and hate to see even the slightest errors in books.  While I don’t flag the odd typo I find, if your book is filled with many errors I won’t enjoy reading it so much and WILL give it a lower rating for this.


While I’m open to a variety of different genres I am far more likely to accept books to review in my preferred genres and there are some I will not accept:

Preferred Fiction Genres – Fantasy, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Thriller, Historical Fiction, Adventure, Children’s, Middle Grade, Young Adult/Teen.

Preferred Non-Fiction Genres – History, Self-Help/Self-Improvement, Memoirs, Anything Animal related, Children’s & Teen non-fiction.

I will NOT accept erotica or books about sex.

I will NOT accept books about religious teachings unless it is part of a story or from an open-minded/spiritual perspective.

I will NOT accept books with very crude humour – though regular humour is  fine.

If your book doesn’t fall into the preferred genres above then feel free to still request a review.  I am open to different books and have sometimes enjoyed a book out of my preferred genres, but please do not be disappointed if I do not accept your request.

Sex , Swearing & Violence

This blog is child friendly so any book covers featuring sex related images or swear words won’t be featured on this site.  I also do not enjoy reading too much sex or swearing in books.  While I don’t mind some swearing and sex, please understand that I only accept this if it fits into the context of the story/book and isn’t just there for shock effect.

Violence is acceptable in books.  I have read a number of horror books with some violence as well as non-fiction history books depicting violent acts so I don’t mind too much if your book has some scenes of violence.  However if your book has particularly gruesome descriptions, please let me know this.  I may still review it but wish to be forewarned :).


I can review both digital and physical books.  I prefer physical books as I find them easier to read and enjoy them more.  I suffer some electromagnetic sensitivity which results in headaches when using too many electronic devices.  This means that sometimes I’m unable to read a digital book but can read a physical one.  For this reason physical books often go ahead of digital ones, although I do attempt to review things in the order I’ve been given them.

I do understand that a physical book is not always available though, especially as I live in the UK and shipping may cost money.  If you cannot offer a physical copy these are the digital copies I am able to review, in the preferred order: epub, mobi, pdf.


In the past I have had some unpleasant experiences with some indie authors who expected me to give them 5 star reviews.  Some of these authors even took to verbal attacks on facebook.  As a result of this behaviour I must make the following clear:

I do NOT guarantee a positive review.  Books are subjective and my rating will reflect my own personal experience and thoughts about the book.  A review can be anything from 1-5 stars with 3 being a solid good/ok rating.  Even if the book provided is a physical copy I still cannot guarantee a positive review.  But my own views on a book do not deter others from it.  Many books I’ve given lower ratings to have piqued the interest of my blog readers.

Review Appearance & Star Rating

Reviews will appear on this website/blog as well as Amazon UK and Goodreads.  This blog has Twitter and Facebook links so book reviews will be shared there too :).

I will rate a book from 1 to 5 stars with 5 being the best.  While a rating will always be a personal opinion, I will give a breakdown of the star ratings to give you an idea of how I view a book and rate it (I also do half ratings on some books):

5 Stars – This book has very little wrong with it.  I really enjoyed reading it, probably want to read it again and would recommend it to others.

4 Stars – I enjoyed/liked this book but something about it was disappointing/could have been better.  I would still probably read it again.

3 Stars – This was a good book.  It was neither brilliant or terrible.  I may or may not choose to read it again, but I didn’t dislike the book so consider it good/okay.

2 Stars – This book is disappointing.  Something about it just didn’t sit right or disappointed me.  The book could still be good/okay but something else has caused me to lower a star.

1 Star – I find very little good to say about this book.  It is either very disappointing, very inaccurate or quite upsetting.

ARC vs. Already Available Books

I do attempt to review ARC copies in time for the book’s release date.  However this is not always possible and depends both on how many books I have already promised to review as well as the timeframe you have given me before release date.  While a month is usually acceptable, I am more likely to be able to review a not-yet-released book in time, the longer I have that Advanced Reading Copy of your book.

Book Series

If your book is part of a series I would prefer to read the series in full.  While some novels work as stand-alones, many are not as enjoyable and just don’t work so well.  Please let me know if your book is part of a series as I’d rather start at the beginning of a series.

Cover Reveals, Interviews, Giveaways, Guest Posts & Blog Tours

If you would like to appear on this blog for more than just a review or for something instead of a review please let me know.  While I’m open to doing a variety of different events, I’d always like the chance to review your book too.  If you have a blog tour coming up please contact me with enough time.

Contact Form

Below is a contact form.  Please fill in as many details as you can if requesting a review.  Although I DO contact everyone back about review requests for books, please understand that I cannot review all books.  How many books I have promised to review as well as personal interest will affect whether I can take your book on for review.  And if I cannot review your book please don’t be disheartened as there are many other reviewers available on various directories Please check out the Book Review Directory for more reviewers.



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