Daily Prompt Poetry: My Crisis


This is a disturbing poem.  Not easy reading material but it came to me today after I’ve been feeling a little ‘off’.  Perhaps a good insight into how the mind works and good insight for some people who haven’t experienced this…?  Anyway the daily prompt word that inspired this poem is ‘Crisis’.  I’d say ‘Enjoy’ but it’s not really that kind of poem! 😮

My Crisis

When did this happpen?  Why did it come to be?

I do not know the answer, the truth eludes me.

The disaster it was looming, ready to attack.

Yet now that it is here, there is no turning back.

A panic like no other, I tremble in its wake.

The fear grips each heartbeat, no longer I can take.

The pain sets in, so strong now. The desire it burns.

Nobody will help, they have their own concerns.

To take it is unholy.  I wish I could just flee.

But running will not solve this.  It will not set me free.

I make the choice, I do this.  There is no other way.

Now it’s done.  It’s over.  You’re free, enjoy your day.

Whether you enjoyed this or felt disturbed as always feel free to comment.  I’m not in this dark place though I have been close before in the past.


14 thoughts on “Daily Prompt Poetry: My Crisis

  1. I think “darkness” is an intensely personal thing…and much more common than we suppose when we broach it in our own mind. Frankly, by writing about things that might otherwise seem distressing and dark, we relieve stress and shine a little light on it. I enjoyed the piece and felt compelled to say hello. You earned a follower with your honesty!

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    1. Hi, Thank you so much for the follow. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it, it’s strange but at the time of writing a part of me goes back to that dark place but writing it certainly helps and I do hope it helps other people. Thank you again 🙂

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