Book Reviewers/Book Bloggers – I need your help

This is a quick post to ask for some help particularly from anyone who reviews books.  I want to create another post about the aftermath of what happened when my previous blog post ‘Respect the Reviewer 2’ was shared but I won’t go into details of what happened right now.  However I DO want your help and your opinion on these things so I can help write a better post using more than just my own opinion.  So here are the points and I welcome any viewpoint.  I’m open to comments from everyone but I’m especially keen to hear from book reviewers.

  1. Should book reviewers pay a contribution towards the cost of a book?  Even a small one such $0.99 or £0.99?
  2. Should authors hand over a copy of their book months ahead of review or only when a reviewer is ready to read it (bearing in mind the reviewer will have to contact the author again to get the book copy at that time).
  3. Who are the most important people in the entire book industry.  Who makes the industry, one group or many?  The authors, publishers, readers, reviewers, etc

As strange as these questions sound it will become clear when I explain what happened in my next ‘Respect the Reviewer’ post.  In the meantime please give me your input I would very much like your opinions and if you haven’t read it already and would like to comment on the last post I did here is the link: Respect the Reviewer 2

#Wordless Wednesday – City Life



Quick Important Note about this blog!

This is a quick post to let you all know that my facebook account has been disabled for no good reason(both my page and for those of you who knew it, my private account too).  No idea why so my facebook page is no more and this blog is no longer connected with facebook.  for those of you who visit me via facebook and manage to read this post, if you would like to continue following my blog please sign up to the email sign up page (I don’t have a dedicated newsletter yet).  For others who don’t want to sign up big apologies as I really don’t know what’s happened😦.  It might have something to do with big controversy surrounding my latest Respect the Reviewer article which had a heated discussion today, apparently, I’ll never know as I only have a few emails that came through to my inbox and all my posts are now missing or deleted who knows all I can say is that it’s a shame as my page was very new and I had gained some followers to this blog who I had never met via my blog.  But oh well, this blog is here to stay and who needs facebook😀 ! lol

Funny Memoir: Doing Germany

Doing Germany

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this memoir  ‘Doing Germany’ from the author Agnieszka Paletta.  It’s a funny account of moving to and living in Germany from someone who’s completely unused to the culture, here is my review:

Moving to a new country, leaving behind your friends, family and old way of life can be hard but that’s exactly what Agniesszka Paletta did when she moved to Germany to be with the man she loves. In this funny memoir of her new life in a country where she can’t even speak the language you’ll find out what it’s really like to live in Germany through the eyes of someone completely new and unaccustomed to the culture.

This is a funny and interesting book which has resulted in mixed reviews. I have to be honest and say that when I started reading this book I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it and would have given it 3 stars. Paletta’s style of writing is fun and easy to read but her immediate observations of the German people and cultural traditions were very stereotypical and ones that could irritate some readers. However the more I’ve read this book the more I’ve enjoyed it and I think some people who have given this lower star ratings have simply not read to the end, or don’t enjoy her sense of humour.

Her memoir is a very personal experience of living in Germany. I wouldn’t call this a travel memoir so much as a simple memoir as despite visiting some areas around Germany, many of the experiences are more everyday such as bike riding in Germany or what it’s like to shop in a supermarket there, quite interesting actually. I’ve never personally been to Germany though I do know of some of their cultural customs but this book still taught me a lot of things I just didn’t know.

At first Paletta’s observations can seem a little ditzy in her manner and over-stereotypical and she often compares Germany to her beloved Italy and makes it seem that Germany is an unpleasant alternative to live in, however through reading further into this you can see that she develops a soft spot for certain things and ultimately makes a new and successful life in her new country.

I think this memoir may appeal slightly more to women than men and also more to those who aren’t so clued up on German culture, although German’s themselves who don’t mind a poke at their way of life may enjoy this too. There is one use of the s swear word and other than that I would say that some teens might enjoy reading.

I really liked the end of the book. What she and ‘M’, her love, go through at the end was, honest, wonderful and the way it all happened was quite funny. I can’t wait to read more in the sequel to this book.

To read the book blurb or for links to amazon UK, US, Goodreads and the author’s own website please click here (opens in a new tab)

Very Fun Kids Search Book: Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest

Cover med

I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book from the authors S. A. Jeffers.  ‘Bigfoot Trails: Pacific Northwest’ is a fun book where you search for Bigfoot, here is my review (pictures courtesy of the authors):

Travel to the Pacific Northwest and follow the trail to find this most elusive creature.  Search for clues, broken branches, footprints and hair but can you spot Bigfoot himself?

This lovely children’s book is a fun activity book that both kids and adults will enjoy.  In the style of Where’s Wally(Waldo)? books you search the different scenes in the book, looking for not only Bigfoot himself but various different pieces of evidence to show that he’s been in the area.  I really like this book, the pictures of the Pacific Northwest area struck me right away and from the first page I was just hooked in my search for Bigfoot.

Each double page spread features a short rhyme.  The rhyme is fun to read but the images are really lovely, they remind me of some paintings and the first thing you’ll realise when taking a look at the images is just how simple they are.  Unlike Where’s Wally books which rely on a complicated scene to hide Wally and his friends and various items the scenes in this book are wonderfully deceptive.  At first you see what looks like a plain scene but the longer you look the more things you start to find.  Bigfoot himself is found in every scene but I myself found it tough to find him and was absolutely amazed when I first spotted him, having looked at that part of the image twice before.  My favourite scene is definitely the fishing scene!  A complete surprise when I finally found Bigfoot there!


Once you’ve searched and found him in each scene and reach the end of the book there is a key listing different things such as hair or twisted branches to find (various evidence of Bigfoot himself) and which scenes these are in.  I’m glad this appears at the back of the book because once I cleverly thought I was done there was yet more to find!

I was send a digital copy of the book and I’d just give a warning to either get a physical book or if you choose the digital version make sure you have a reading device large enough to view the images on such as a tablet size or a computer.  I tried looking at the book’s images on a small ereader and my phone and it didn’t display well enough for me to see without being able to zoom in on the picture.

Overall this is a lovely book and I really hope there will be more planned.  I think I enjoyed this more than Where’s Wally and that face of Bigfoot just makes me smile!  Apart from having fun finding him and evidence of his being there, there are lovely scenes to look at and various other things in each scene which aren’t listed but make you feel proud to find them such as birds and frogs.  A great fun hide and seek book which will keep kids engaged and I’m sure adults will love to search for Bigfoot too!

RIverscene med

For the book blurb and links to amazon UK, US and Goodreads please click here (opens in a new tab)

Daily Prompt Poetry: My Other Half


This is a poem inspired by the daily prompt challenge word: Fifty.  Hopefully you’ll understand how I got from the prompt word to this poem after reading it.

My Other Half

I struggle to show, instead I hide,

The truth of how I feel inside.

I keep it hidden, away from you,

You’ll never see my mood so blue.

I smile, put on a happy face,

The bad, for you, I do erase.

You think me happy, see me laugh,

You do not see my heart in half.

You see me warm, instead I’m cold,

You do not hear, myself I scold.

How deep I hurt, the cuts I bear,

About myself I do not care.

But I’ll make sure you’ll never know,

For you I will put on a show.

Pretend I’m fine, all is well,

While deep inside, my mind in hell.

Fun and Cute: Kitty’s Cat Colouring Book

kitty's cat

I was kindly sent a free copy for review of this lovely colouring book buy the illustrator/author Kitty Blake.  ‘Kitty’s Cat’ has some great designs and just look at the cute cat!  Here is my review:

I really love this colouring book.  Around the same width as A4 but slightly shorter this book is filled with 20 different patterned cats.  The pages are all crisp white and a decent thickness, perhaps not as much as some colouring books but are still good and felt pens would work as long as you don’t over use them.  Each page has a design on only one side of the paper so no problems in bleeding of pens and if in doubt just use a piece of card underneath the design you’re working on if you use pens.

Each page has the same basic cat design, Kitty’s Cat.  This cat appears on each page with a different pattern on it.  The patterns range from flowers and leaves to stars, swirls and hearts.  Every design is different all appearing on the basic same cat shape.  At first I thought I wouldn’t enjoy the book that much because of the repeated cat as soon as I got a good look of the book I’ve been hooked!  The cat design alone is so cute and Kitty Blake’s style of drawing is one I really like, reminding me of artists like Hannah Davies, whose colouring books always have me smiling.


Although there are 20 different designs there are actually 30 pages of colouring (not counting the introduction page which has additional little kitties to colour).  After a page for each design, there further pages where the designs are shown again two on each page.  Although the designs are the same I enjoy having a second chance to colour in the same picture, I always like to make my identical images look as different to each other as possible.  The second set of pictures have clear cut out lines between them and if you read the first page of the book the author explains that the large and small pictures will fit two standard sizes of photo frame, if you want to cut them out and display them, or can even fit the rough size of a greetings card!


The thickness of the paper is still very good and my pencils had no problems and just glide on the paper which is good.  The only downside to the book is its spine.  It’s the type that doesn’t allow a clean break so a tiny part of the book (near the spine) curls slightly when you hold it open.  This isn’t a problem for colouring though as none of the images reach the spine.

I really love this cat, just the shape of the cat cute.  And despite the fact it’s just a cat that you colour, the patterns are still quite detailed, and at the price this book is selling for it’s a really good bargain and you get a lot of colouring for the price.  This is Book One and I can’t wait for the next book!


To see more pictures and for links to amazon UK, US, Goodreads and the author’s own website please click here (opens in a new tab)