Please share the news about #ComedyBookWeek


Ok that isn’t the #ComedyBookWeek banner but MyTrendingStories wanted a more pixel rich image!  Read on…

This is a quick post asking you to share the news about #ComedyBookWeek with anyone you can who you think might be interested.  I’ve written a quick article about it on My Trending Stories called Do You Like Funny?  Why Not Join In? and it’s already had 3 shares on Facebook! 😮   Please tell everyone on twitter, facebook, etc using the hashtag #ComedyBookWeek and refer them to the #ComedyBookWeek website to see the calendar of events.

For those that don’t know yet, #ComedyBookWeek is a week long event filled with reviews, interviews, Q&As, etc with the authors and their books and yep, they are all humour/comedy books.  This event has been started by authors and it’s really Ana Spoke who’s behind everything so three cheers for her and then three cheers for everyone taking part!  Apart from many events happening around the web, many of the comedy books will be available either free or at a discounted price during the week!

Whether you enjoy comedy books or not please help spread the word and try them out yourself.  You never know…A new funny book by a new author you’ve not tried might just change your mind :).

And to be clear here is the #ComedyBookWeek Banner:



11 thoughts on “Please share the news about #ComedyBookWeek

    1. Aw thank you, but you can just tweet out about #ComedyBookWeek with your own post, lol don’t want to scare ppl away with that horse! :). I posted about it in the ComedyBookWeek goodreads group (I didn’t want to offend the creator of the original CBW banner!) and Portia Porter replied the horse is too old! Eh? Not sure what to say after reading that 😮

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      1. Oh man, I hope she doesn’t find out my age. 🙂 That horse looked like he was having a rollicking good time! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about your post. I found it adorable and very informative! I did not think to put the link to the events in mine.

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      2. Hey that’s fine, no rush, unfortunately I’ve still got some other books ahead of reading yours (I do them in the order I get them) so that’s cool. Just send it over when it’s done or let me know when to download it again 🙂

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