Wow! Thank you! You’ve Made Me One Very Happy Reviewer!…(And Still Open to Requests!)

thank you guinea pig

Sorry to those of your who follow me but aren’t into cute.  I’m in a soppy mood today and wanted to share how unbelievable you’ve all made me feel these last few months.  I’ve had a couple of lovely conversations today which have just proven how wonderful you all are and it’s made me feel better and better about everything and everyone.

My blog has been going for little over seven months and I’ve been overwhelmed with how much love, care and support I’ve got from all of you guys.  I’ve now been nominated for 5 blog awards…5!  And it is just amazing to even have anyone notice me at all let alone want to read what I write and nominate me for an award.

I won’t drivel onto details but I’ve been on a steep curve out of a deep and horrible depression and back into a place where I feel self worth and confident in myself.  For years I haven’t felt this appreciated and happy with myself so it’s amazing to feel this way now.  I never thought back in late November when I made my first blog post (with tags- I don’t count the ones without which remained unseen!) that my blog would grow to over 150 followers and I would be out there on Facebook and now My Trending Stories! I’ve even had some writing posted in other places! 😮  I’m one of those social media phobics who was terrified of putting myself out there and although I’m still learning (and have yet to tackle twitter – which is my next adventure) I wouldn’t change anything that has happened.

I never take for granted anything or anyone and I truly appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to follow my blog.  If I haven’t visited your blog yet or if you don’t have a wordpress account but are reading this then please comment below and let me meet you.  I try to visit all people who follow me but I’m also trying to read more books and so it takes more time for me to visit everyone.  I hope that won’t put anyone off from still reading my blog and for many of you I read your blogs through my emails but don’t always have the chance to ‘like’ individual posts, I will still try my best to visit you all and make contact with anyone who contacts me :).

Apart from followers some of you have been amazing in re-blogging some of my reviews and my contact details and submissions page!…Even on Twitter where I currently am not!  Wow, that is amazing.  That so many of you have faith in my reviewing is just amazing and hug worthy <3.  And I’ve received lots of review requests in the last two days!  It’s just amazing! 🙂

With #ComedyBookWeek starting on Saturday I’m going to be posting lots of book reviews but at the same time you will still see the odd poem and other random post about well anything (I’ve even found a draft of the Pet Show blog post I was going to share but forgot about which I hope you’ll still like to see? – mainly animal pics!).   I hope you will continue to enjoy reading everything I write.

For those that have requested a review, especially those who have patiently waited months, please rest assured I am reviewing your books after #ComedyBookWeek :).  I have received so many review requests I may soon have to move my review time to 4-5 months! 😮 😮 !!  I’m not complaining though, I love reading and as long as you love to read reviews I will continue to write them :).

If anyone reading this got to the end of the post and wants a review then here’s my submissions page: click here  And please feel free to pass it on, you’ll be adding to my ridiculously large smile :D.

So thank you everyone for reading the emotional ranting of myself, I feel a mixture of joy and the need to cry happy tears.  Hugs to you all and thank you so much!  And I hope you’ll continue to enjoy my work, I would never have the confidence to do everything without your continued support :).


18 thoughts on “Wow! Thank you! You’ve Made Me One Very Happy Reviewer!…(And Still Open to Requests!)

  1. Experiencing joy is one of the things that drives us into living and help others do the same as well so congrats for your accomplishments Kat!

    You’ve been doing great 😉

    Keep up the good work!

    Your pal,

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    1. You are one of the people who has been so kind in sharing my review submissions and about page and you’ve done so much…thank you just doesn’t seem enough for all you’ve done, you are so amazing :)<3


    1. Thank you. You’ve been so supportive, I love reading your blog and articles too. You’ve been so kind nominating me for awards and all the supportive comments, thank you doesn’t seem enough. Depression isn’t easy so it makes moments like this when we feel like we’ve reached something or succeeded all the more special 🙂 ❤

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      1. 🙂 I understand and I am here for you as much as I can be. You are a huge success! You are fun, witty, adorable, intelligent and a very good writer! Girl! You have everything good! ❤ I am so glad we have become friends!

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