Happymeerkatreviews 2016 – A Look Back at a Great Year!


So 2016 was definitely an exciting and eventful year on this blog.  A lot happened both good and bad but in the end the outcome is an overwhelming positive one!  So, I thought I’d do what everyone else seems to be doing, a break down of some of the most popular posts of last year, news of all that’s happened and a sneak peak into what’s coming up in 2017!!!

1st full Year of Blogging!

Yep!  2016 was the first full year that Happymeerkatreviews has existed!  Started only weeks before the new year of 2016 this blog has changed in ways I just couldn’t imagine.  Originally created as a place to keep all my amazon reviews, I really didn’t know much about blogging but started to get a taste for both it and book reviewing and not only did this blog start to gain serious readership, but I also started to gain all my confidence.

Book Love


So during the last year I’ve turned the focus away from reviewing just anything and firmly onto books.  Though there was one rogue review that had nothing to do with books (you can see it here if you’d like to take a look! 😮) in 2016 I decided to focus every blog post on books!  As the months have gone by I’ve not only enjoyed reviewing books but have started getting more involved in the book community, writing bookish blog posts, visiting other book blogger sites and even now towards the end of the year starting to embrace adding cover reveals, interviews, giveaways etc onto this blog!  At the start of 2016 I may not have had clue where this blog was going, but by the end of it I’ve fully embraced everything book!! :).



2016 also saw my first foray into the world of writing poetry…And publishing it for the WORLD to see! 😮  Here’s my first ever poetry post – short but yes it still rhymes!  Click here to see it!  I’ve been met with a wealth of support for my poetry writing and while I was super nervous when I started posting it – imagining everyone laughing at how silly it was – I’ve really gained in confidence and love sharing it with everyone now :).  Keep reading to see which poetry post was my most popular of the year!



As well as poetry I’ve also started publishing articles or discussion posts.  These articles have mostly come from needing to voice my concerns over certain issues, especially over books and my life as a reviewer.  These have by far been the most popular posts on this blog in the last year despite the fact that there aren’t that many of them.  I’ll share which have been the most popular and have resulted in this blog being recognised by a lot of people and going kinda viral for two days!

Social Media


Apart from the wordpress blog growing in the numbers of followers I have (currently 466) this blog went on social media this year.  First on Facebook (plus a link to Bloglovin’ too), then Twitter and finally Google+, though the latter I’ve only just started on before the new year so I’m still getting to grips with it.

Change of Appearance


Happymeerkatreviews completely changed it’s look with a whole new theme and separate blogs for Books (this one) Products and Colouring (coming soon)


The People!

By far the biggest thing that’s happened this year isn’t anything to do with the blog’s appearance or that, it’s the wonderful people I have met.  It would be unfair to mention all the people I’ve met and become friends with through this blog, because I know I’d end up forgetting a whole bunch of them but you guys know who you are and thank you so much for being there and being my friends.  As well as author friends and blogger friends I don’t forget the most important people of any blog and that is the followers.  Without your likes and your continued support in following this blog (via whatever platform) it just wouldn’t be the blog it is today! 🙂

It’s not all been Cheerful…


Life for me and Happymeerkatreviews hasn’t all been cheerful!  Personal health issues around my eye and eyesight a few months ago led me to have trouble reading and falling behind in my reviewing :(.  I also had some unpleasant experiences with a number of authors which have resulted in not only unpleasant exchanges but deletion of my original facebook page! 😮  However no matter what has happened, with the support of everyone here, I’ve bounced back again and again!  When life has given me a knock, I wrote about it and things got better :).

Most Popular Posts of 2016!!!

Lots of posts were popular with articles out numbering all but one post on the blog for having the most views.  The top 3 most popular posts of the year in the articles/discussion posts category are.  In reverse order these are:

3. Amazon’s New Reviewing Rules – Could it Affect Authors in the Future? [320 Views]

When amazon changed it’s reviewing rules in October, banning the reviewing of items other than books for free, I wrote this post as there were major questions on whether it would affect authors in the future.  Many author’s as well as non-authors were interested in this post and it may well have had more views on this blog but I also shared it to My Trending Stories so it gained may views there too.

2. A Tough Decision – Don’t blame the Book Blogger Blame Your Fellow Indies 😦  [566 Views]

This post was written right after a lot of problems with indie authors.  Don’t worry!  I AM still accepting indie books to review however it clearly hit a nerve with many authors and I still stand by what I’ve said, that books must be well written and authors MUST be able to deal with all readers including critical reviewers with decency.

1. Amazon’s Even Newer Reviewing Rules Will Book Reviews Be Affected [2,695 Views]

This blog post gained over 2000 views in two days alone and led to a total of 3 posts created over the course of 4 days!  I’ve even had author’s who aren’t on wordpress tell me they’ve found this post through various online forums!!  As amazon changed it’s rules to affect everyone including authors this post kept people in the know and updated with the latest news on all the changes to the rules.  The rules originally came out as a mess but eventually were sorted out by amazon which may or may not have come from a round of complaints.  I was proud to help explain the rules and I hope that post helped whoever read it.

Not as popular as articles but still with a great many views were Book Reviews.  A colouring book made the top 3 (Fantastic Cities-60 Views)however I will concentrate on reading books  and the most popular in reverse order have been:

3. Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance by Charles E. Waugh [45 Views]


The third most popular book review has just been posted this week!  A great science fiction book and start to a trilogy.

2. Visions of Zarua by Suzanne Rogerson [67 Views]

Visions of Zarua Book Cover

This is the second most popular review for a fantasy debut novel (and one of my Recommended Reads for 2016).  The review for this book appeared twice, a second time as part of the book’s blog tour.  Collectively with both reviews there are 110 views!

1. Autosuggestion: Affirmations for the 21st Century by Etienne Roark [320 Views]


A self-improvement book to help push you into success by changing your mindset.  This got 320 views this year an amazing number!

The top three poems of include one mentioned above so I’m going to include this year have been:

3. Why Did You Blank Me? [42 Views]

No picture available as this was an early poem.

2. The Price I Pay For Amazon Fame [47 Views]

First ever poem I ever did.  Short, sweet and missing an image again!

3. Scars of Depression [56 Views]

Another early poem and my most popular to date! 🙂

It’s also worth noting one more popular post of 2016, the second most popular of the whole year!.  It falls into the News category and is this:

I’ve Joined My Trending Stories! [847 Views]

my trending stories

No idea why this is so popular but wow!

Two pages have been extremely popular this year, the most popular is my About page followed by Review submissions with many views and likes (over 500 views for the about page!).  The submissions page was actually very popular with over 300 views however I had to scrap it and start again so go on and ‘like‘ it if you want :p and feel free to share it as spookily others have done in the past 😮  !

Bonus News!


I have recent bonus news to share with you!  Only yesterday I got a mention in two blogs!!!

Firstly I got a double mention on Dan Alatorre – Author!!!  Not only did I get a special mention there but the guest post I did on that blog 9 Things That Cost Your Book 5 Stars – Guest Blog Post By An Amazon Top Reviewer was the third most popular on his blog!  WOW!

The second mention was that Happymeerkatreviewswas yesterday named as one of the Best Bloggers Blogging of 2016!  I’ve only known Susan from Books: Publishing, Reading, Writing a short time so to be included on her list of Best Bloggers is such an honour! :).


So into 2017…

So what’s coming up in 2017?  Well there are a couple of things I’m no longer taking part in and that is Comedy book Week and Mystery Thriller Week.  The main reasons is time constraints however that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of great things happening this year.  A sneak peak include:

9th January 2017 – Blog Tour date for Blogging for Smarties

February 2017 – Taking part in the Door Keeper trilogy Blog Tour possibly two posts!

Also…  I’ll also be sharing more about this badge I’ll also be adding to my blog now and the project I’m now involved in to help improve people’s lives and be involved in inspiring and creating happiness ,etc. Project Believe in Yourself

pbiy badge

Of course this is all in addition to lots of book reviews, poetry and other musings – as usual!  So I hope you’ll join me in what is expected to be an even more exciting year!  If 2016 was so busy and amazon, just imagine what 2017 has in store! 🙂  I’ll be posting the winners of the Rafflecopter giveaway tomorrow although all winners have already been sent emails so check your inboxes and have a lovely day/week! 🙂 

What’s happening with you in 2017?  Any plans?  Found anything interesting in my 2016 review of the year?  Let me know in the comments below :).

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5 thoughts on “Happymeerkatreviews 2016 – A Look Back at a Great Year!

  1. Those are brilliant stats for your first year of blogging! Congratulations. Wonderful to see your review of Visions of Zarua has been viewed so many times 😀
    I’m looking forward to 2017 and your future posts, hope things run more smoothly for you this year.

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