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Fun Stuff & Important Info for Authors Waiting for Reviews

I have some fun but irrelevant news to share with everyone plus a quick note of importance to all authors still waiting for reviews from me. But first the fun stuff!

So, on Monday night I checked the twitter app to see that the publisher The Borough Press (an imprint of HarperCollins) turned 3 years old and were celebrating their birthday with a retweet giveaway!  It was the first twitter competition I ever entered and I really didn’t think I’d win but logging in yesterday I found out that  I was one of 3 winners to win 3 proofs!!! (in case you don’t know proofs are almost final copies of books that still might need some correcting and checks) I had no idea what the proofs were but they were sent right away and I got them in the post today!  I thought I’d share my elation with you guys plus pics so you can see what I won!

Here’s the 3 proofs plus the complimentary note I got:


It turns out that The Borough Press proofs come without book titles and author name on the front cover.  Instead there’s a final mock-up image printed on the back.  Here’s they are:


And if you’re still stumped as to which books there are:


(Oola by Brittany Newell, The Chibury Ladies’ Choir by Jennifer Ryan and The Night Brother by Rosie Garland)

I’m so excited to read all these books, but The Night Brother is definitely one that stands out a lot, though it won’t be available to buy until 1st June so WOW do I feel privileged 😀 !  Thank you so much to The Borough Press for their wonderful books!

Authors waiting for reviews…

So for the all author’s still waiting for a review from me I’m so sorry but I’ve fallen way behind in my reviewing time.  This is especially true of digital books as I’ve been struggling the last few weeks with headaches which are just made worse when using a digital book.  As good as e-readers are, I’m just not able to read on these devices when I have a headache.  I’ve fallen to well over six months behind with all my books though I’m doing my best to get through them all.

For those authors who have waited a long time, I hope you won’t be worried, I haven’t forgotten your books and will get to them as soon as I can.  I’ve shut down my submissions temporarily, there are exceptions to that shut down (publishers and authors I know or have reviewed for before and maybe those who can provide hard copies) but I thought shutting down to new books, at least for say three or so months, would give me the breather to clear my list – I’m not able to cope and can suffer badly with depression if I feel too much pressure on me – I’m not being paid for this after all and want to enjoy it 🙂 .

For those worried about me, I know some of you have, it’s really nothing to worry about.  I forgot that I actually do suffer frequently from headaches every year, especially during the winter months.  Odd really as I’ve always been a technology girl and love playing my computer/videogames but me and screens are not the best of friends so I do frequently need more time off these devices.  Recently I’ve been reading a lot more, especially digital books, which might explain the increase in headaches, but there is nothing wrong with me, I’ve even been to the doctor so those friends of mine who were worried, absolutely no need to be.  Just please be understanding of my need to have time away from digital screens 🙂 .

Other News

So, tomorrow I’ll be reviewing this new release:


The Vets at Hope Green is a four part series of books and part one is out tomorrow and I’ll be posting up my review tomorrow so watch this space!

Apart from that I’ll be keeping busy with more reading and putting together Happymeerkatreviews Colouring which I hadn’t started yet as I took some time off over the Christmas/New Year period.

So why not finish by asking you a question:  Of the 3 proofs I won, which, if any, are you interested in reading? 🙂  Or are you excited about any other books coming out this year? Let  know in the comments below!

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12 thoughts on “Fun Stuff & Important Info for Authors Waiting for Reviews

  1. They look like fabulous books – what a great prize! I’m sorry you suffer from headaches – I do too as well as regular migraines. I quite understand your dilemma! I think you are very sensible shutting down your submissions for a while. Hope you feel better soon xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, it’s not pleasant suffering headaches or worse, migraines. I’ve not had any recently but I have on occasion and know how bad they can get. Thank you, I think not having more requests (except for the authors I’ve worked with for next books in a series for example) will help reduce it and I’ll feel more at ease. I’m not good with pressure. lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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