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Fun and Educational: The Terrific Times Tables Book by Kate Petty & Jennie Maizels

terrific times tables

I was kindly sent a free copy of this book to review by the publisher Walker Books.  It’s a fun pop-up book that helps you learn your times tables.  Here is my review:

Learning your times tables can be hard as a child and I know I struggled to learn them at school.  But with the help of this clever pop-up book, kids and even some adults can have a lot of fun while learning their multiplications.


On the first page there is an introduction to all the characters you’ll meet in this book.  With the help of Trixie Tricks, Tim Times and many others each number in the twelve times tables will be introduced one by one.  Every double page spread covers one or two numbers.  On each page there are lots of fun and colourful illustrations along with lots of flaps to open, tabs to pull and 3D pop-up scenes.  Apart from the incredible fun you can have by just pulling the tabs, etc you actually learn at the same time and it’s made easy and fun.
Learning the two times table for example is all about counting the numbers animals hold while going into the ark and multiplying them by two.  A tab on the side not only pulls the animals slowly into the ark but also shows the answers to each equation.


I’ve always loved pop-up books and this one doesn’t disappoint.  It’s so fun to just look at all the illustrations and play with the pop-up features of this book but apart from that it’s also educational and I’m sure plenty of adults would love to play and even use the book along side the kids.

The book ends with an explosive twelve times tables and a grid showing off all the tables up to twelve so kids can test how good they are or refer to it later.  This is such a fun book and a great way of helping kids learn in an entertaining way.  A great book I can recommend.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

A brilliantly interactive book that makes times tables fun! Lift the flaps and pull the tabs to learn all the times tables up to twelve. Join Noah as he counts the animals into the ark, help an octopus work out how many shoes she has and find the secret times tables hidden in the sweet factory.


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