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Review: The Great Grammar Book by Kate Petty & Jennie Maizels

So two books down and two to go in my unofficial children’s book day!…

the great grammar book

I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the publisher Walker books.  It’s a pop-up book that teaches kids the basics of grammar, here is my review:

Learning grammar can be a struggle for kids but not with ‘The Great Grammar Book’, a fun and colourful pop-up book designed to make learning the basics of grammar easy and fun.


On the first page you meet Nicola Noun, a cat who will take you to meet her friends, like Alan Adjective, who will each teach about the different aspects of grammar and all done in a fun and easy way.  For each double page of this pop-up book you learn about something else, such as nouns, verbs, conjunctions, prepositions, etc.  Each page is just fun to play with.  There are a lot of tabs to pull, flaps to open, wheels to turn and actual 3D scenes that pop right up when you turn the page.  Each of the pages is different from the last, not only in what you learn but all the different flaps and pop-ups you get.  This makes the book fun as there’s a lot of moving parts in this book and you never know what will be next.


The lessons you learn are actually very good but because it’s done in such a fun way with lovely colourful illustrations it doesn’t feel like learning.  The book is so simple in the way each different part of grammar is explained, it’s both easy to read the words and kids can have a lot of fun with the pulling the tabs and seeing the different words and pictures that appear.

I have always loved pop-up books even as an adult and although this book is aimed at kids around the ages of 7-9 I can see lots of different ages enjoying this book and a lot of adults won’t be able to resist pulling at the different tabs and flaps!  As an adult I know my grammar and know how to write and speak properly but even I didn’t know what part of grammar was a conjunction (I know that sounds embarrassing but it’s true) even though I use them all the time.

This is a great book which is so fun and educational at the same time and I can recommend it.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

A brilliantly interactive book from award-winning illustrator Jennie Maizels that makes learning grammar fun! Turn the wheels, lift the flaps and pull the tabs to learn all about nouns, punctuation and sentences. Play heads bodies and legs to find out about adjectives, look in the mirror to discover what a pronoun is, and take a dog for a walk as he explains prepositions!


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    1. Oh dear, they were used up so much that they stopped working? They must have really been used. And why not. You know I can’t help but play with the pop-ups in a book whenever I spot one on display in a bookshop. I wonder if that’s just me, lol 🙂

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