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Review: The Tudors – Kings, Queens, Scribes and Ferrets by Marcia Williams

the tudors

This is the last book review for today.  I was kindly sent a fee copy of this very funny kids book by the publisher Walker Books for a review.  It’s a great book for learning about Tudor history, here is my review:

The Tudors are an interesting part of our English history but how much do you really know about them?  In this book Queen Elizabeth’s favourite scribe Arthur Inkblot and his pet ferret Smudge will teach all about the Tudors, from the war of the roses until the end of Elizabeth I’s reign.

This book is a bit taller and wider than A4 size with glossy pages filled with images and text surrounding the pictures.  Each of the pages has the same layout, in the central majority of the page there is the story and historical facts about the monarchs, all set out a little like a comic book.  Along the bottom are facts about how the peasants, poor people lived and along either side on the edge of the pages reading downwards are a few ferret pictures and Smudge tells us extra facts along with a small snippet from a group of fleas too.


The book is really well presented, I have to say I like the layout and would advise those reading it to read the centre part first before the ferret’s bit.  Although I already have a keen interest in medieval history and know the story of the Tudor’s quite well I’m surprised how I learned a few facts including Henry VIII’s nickname.


The illustrations are very funny and really make it much easier to absorb all the information.  Despite the way I described this layout it’s very easy to read through and there’s no confusion at all.  Kids and indeed adults will enjoy the humorous illustrations and the little ferret and flea facts are interesting too.  The book ends with the death of Elizabeth I.  There is no last page to say that this is the end of the story it just ends.  The last page about Elizabeth’s death is like any other page in the book and I think there could have been an extra page with another quick note from the ferret or the scribe Arthur Inkblot like there is at  the front otherwise this ending it feels a little abrupt, but this is my only criticism.


For a great, fun and entertaining read for all ages (though aimed at kids) I would recommend this book.   It’s a great introduction to the Tudors and I know I would have been better prepared for history at school if I’d read this book beforehand.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

Join much-loved author/illustrator Marcia Williams on a comic strip journey through Tudor history! A witty, accessible introduction to the Tudors, with full-colour illustrations throughout, from the author of Mr William Shakespeare’s Plays and The Romans: Gods, Emperors and Dormice. Arthur Inkblott, Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite scribe, retells the most famous moments in Tudor history, from the Wars of the Roses and the Spanish Armada to Christopher Columbus’s discovery of America and Henry VIII’s many marriages! Packed with jokes and colourful comic-strip illustrations, this is Marcia Williams at her very best.



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