Dear Everyone,

Hello.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog and I’ve spent days trying to figure out how to word this post.  Sometimes I write up a long post giving lots of details, then I scrap it and write an alternative quick post that seems rushed and not detailed enough.  No words seem right in putting across how I feel without hurting somebody’s feelings out there.  So here goes…

Blogging on Happymeerkatreviews has been fun and not so fun at the same time.  I’ve met so many wonderful people and had such amazing support from the blogging community I didn’t know existed when I started my blog.  But along the way some bad things happened.  If I’m honest I was super naïve entering the realm of reviewing and blogging and more importantly reviewing on request.

When I entered the wordpress blogging world, I’ll be honest, I’d never really read an indie book, so I never knew such a community and plethora of books existed.  And although I found and read many new books by authors I’d never heard of, I also encountered the dark side of the indie world, the authors who’s books were written terribly and who had bad attitudes towards people like me, reviewers.

I won’t go into more detail, it’s easy enough to find the stories on my blog of what happened, but after going through one of the most stressful experiences of my life I finally decided to put an end to the thing that was causing all the stress…this blog.

I’ve loved blogging here and while it’s sad to say goodbye to my happymeerkat avatar (I’ve grown fond of how cute it looks), I’m also filled with a sense of relief.  The last weeks and months of this blog had been my hardest.  I’d experienced what can only be termed as online bullying.  On top of that I’ve felt a distinct divide between ‘bloggers’ and ‘authors’ with me firmly on the ‘bloggers’ side despite the fact I’ve been a writer (unpublished) since I was a child.

I’ve felt like my blog became a service to authors and not in the good way of working together I review your book and you’ll promote my site kind of way.  Instead I’ve had more and more authors taking advantage of my reviewing and seeing me as a way of getting reviews for their book without care and respect for the human being they are contacting.  In recent times authors have contacted me for reviews and never linked back to my blog or thank me later, DM me on twitter about reviews for books which are innapporiate for my site (child friendly + I don’t do twitter review requests) and had authors contacting me for reviews even when I slap a massive ‘NOT ACCEPTING BOOK REVIEW REQUESTS’ on my contact page (- not cool by the way, to still contact me, big lack of respect in that behaviour and an author I’m unlikely to ever read or recommend to others for doing that 😡 .)  I’ve even had some people lifting my website’s banner and using it online for profit without asking me if it’s ok to do – I would probably have said yes but a banner’s still my own design and it would have been nice to be asked 😦 .

The whole thing got too much for me and although there are many wonderful and nice and courteous authors out there…I’ve met a growing number who are not.  Even in the last few weeks in lieu of posting here I’ve been reading blog posts online that have even mentioned a new trend/school of thought where authors shouldn’t thank reviewers – yes, odd!

So I’ve come to the difficult decision that I’m saying Goodbye to Happymeerkatreviews.  It’s been a wonderful growing experience and the good times have certainly outweighed the bad but sometimes you have to make a difficult decision but the right one.

Will the website be deleted?  No, I’ve put too much time and effort into this blog to delete it all, so you can still look back at old blog posts and read my reviews and poetry and other stuff.

Will I be leaving the blogosphere entirely?  I don’t think so.  I’m sure you’ll find me around in one form or another.  And I’m certainly not going to give up on reading the blogs I follow.  But I’ll no longer be posting on Happymeerkatreviews.  Whether this extends to my Products site too I haven’t decided yet but I haven’t posted there in a while so I’m not sure.

Thank you for all being such wonderful supporters of my blog.  Thank you to everyone who has followed Happymeerkatreviews from the very start to it’s very end.  I’m sad to be leaving this blog but I have so many new things going on in my life that it’s the right thing to do fro me, and ultimately we must all do what is right for ourselves and our wellbeing.  Anyone who wants to contact me about my blog or me can do so at the following email address: 

Thank you for all your support and I wish you all the best ❤ 🙂

-C thehappymeerkat


22 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. I’m sorry that you had such an awful stressful experience. I suppose, the truth of it is that there is good and not so good people everywhere and it’s easier for the not so good ones to bully people online.


  2. -huge hugs- you have to do what is best for you. I have you on facebook as a friend so we will still be able to communicate through there. Thank you, for all the hard work and dedication to reviewing, it is such a damned shame that some authors didn’t appreciate it. lots of love and happiness xx

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  3. I like that you are honest and had the courage to write such an open and moving message. Abuse is not acceptable by any standard. So sorry you will no longer do what it is you so enjoyed. Smile in your mirror every day and know that person is smiling back at you because you deserve that peaceful symbol. 🙂 Be happy, healthy and continue to be wise.

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  4. As an indie author, I’ll say this sucks. You have a right to your opinions about the books and it’s a damn shame some Indies don’t get that. It’s a disgusting attitude to think that being an author means you can bully/shame reviewers. I really hope you find some peace. It was a pleasure meeting you.

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  5. I’ve loved connecting with you on Happymeerkatreviews. Sorry to see this site go, but I’m glad your decision to stop it has brought you happiness. Good luck in the future, and thanks for reviewing my book, which is still a favourite review of mine to read when I feel down.

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  6. I can’t say I “like” this post because it makes me so sad to Read your farewell. You will definitely be missed. Best of luck to you and I hope we do see you around.

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  7. I think you’ve made the right decision. The fact you have felt huge relief after doing so tells you that and you need to look after yourself first. I’m sorry you have come across such discourtesy from authors, sadly there are some rotten apples in every barrel and I hope you have met some supportive ones along the way as well. I send you huge virtual hugs for whatever the future holds for you, take care.

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  8. So sorry you had authors be so bad to you and even more sorry to see you go. I have had to wak away from toxic people in my life to stop the toxic situations. I’m healthier and happier for it. I’m glad you have new experiences on the horizon.

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  9. C, I’m very sorry to learn that you’ve had such an awful experience. Unfortunately, after being an author for more than a decade, I can’t say i’m surprised. It has been my experience that each “wanna-be-author” believes their work is a masterpiece, whether or not it has been edited. Years ago, prior to the Indie market opening up and making it possible for everyone and their cockateel to become a published author, publishers weeded out the ‘1 in 1,000’ that they believed were worthy of print. Now, anyone can epublish anything for free. This is both wonderful and awful and apparently, you’ve discovered one of the worst aspects.
    I hope you can find peace and happiness and at some point, rediscover your love for books.
    It might be bold to say that I understand your frustration, but years ago (2004) I became very annoyed with my publisher’s high-handed attitude about what I should write, and since other things were going on in my life, I chose to cancel all 4 contracts (almost more difficult than initially interesting an editor). After getting all my rights back, my husband and I embarked on a sailing sabbatical and I swore to high heaven that I would never, ever write another book…. but after a few years, I realized that the writing wasn’t what ground my teeth, it was the publishing guidelines, which didn’t allow me to write the book I wanted to find/read. SO, I changed my ‘tune’ to ‘I’ll never publish another book, unless I do it myself’…. a few more years and I discovered Kindles…. Imagine, being able to have an entire library in such a cute device!
    Thus, when we returned to the States, I figured I’d format a book and epublish it…this required some formatting, etc and before I knew it, I was rehooked on writing.
    By sharing all this, I’m merely trying to let you know that at some point, you. Best of luck!

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  10. I am so sorry to hear that you had such troubles with this awesome blog. I personally was very thankful for your honest review, and I know many other authors were as well. I hope that you find the thing in life that you can write about that brings you joy. 🙂

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  11. I’m so sorry you’ve had to come to this decision, Happymeerkat, but I completely understand and support you. Thanks for keeping the blog live. I will keep your reviews of Reading Recommended authors live on my blog. And, if you do decide to come back again – when you are ready! – you know I will be here to support you. Best to you, and please do keep in touch!

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  12. I completely understand your reasoning for leaving. I’ve been in your shoes. I still have my promotional blog, but I only review books I’ve purchased and choose to review. Authors who don’t follow simple instructions and still insist on requesting reviews are completely ignored.

    It’s so sad that a few jerks pushed you off your blog. Maybe one day you’ll return with a new blog devoted to poetry or maybe return to this blog, but take it in a new direction. You have to do what is right for you, and if that is saying goodbye, then that’s what has to be done. I wish you all the best!

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