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Review: Souls to the Polls by Patricia Murphy

I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the author Patricia Murphy.  Souls to the Polls is a funny comedy book with a great twist on demons in politics.

Maggie Frew is a demon and like all demons she works in politics as a campaign manager. Her latest campaign leads her to Virginia where she can work in getting her candidate elected as well as feeding off of his sins. But what will happen if her candidate isn’t full of the sin she needs to feed on?

‘Souls to the Polls’ is a funny novel following Maggie Frew, a campaign manager who just happens to be a demon. The story, told in the first person, is very original with the idea of demons being different from anything I’ve read before.

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first started reading. It wasn’t difficult to get into the story but I also wasn’t too excited by it at first, however the story has an easy flow and I really enjoyed it the more I kept reading. As I said the tale is really original. Demons aren’t quite what they seem and appear as any regular person working in politics. There is an interesting continued story of the church’s involvement and it certainly put an interesting spin on the whole idea about demons in the world.

The story flows very well and there are some very funny moments. The characters were good, I especially liked both Izzy and Ruth who Maggie had working with her. Moments with both were always funny. The whole story behind the political campaigning is also funny and surprising, I had no idea how dark American politics can get!

The ending is a satisfying one and although it ended well it could easily lead to sequels which I hope will happen. There is very occasional use of the s swear word but nothing else really offensive unless someone has issues with laughing a little at the way politics is conducted and the whole demon aspect of the story.

‘Souls to the Polls’ is a funny book that got funnier the more I read it. I didn’t find it as exciting throughout as I had hoped but it got far better towards the end and I’m looking forward to reading more.

Rating: 4/5

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Maggie Frew is a demon. Like all demons, she works in US politics – keeping her darkness under control by feeding it a steady diet of malevolence and sin. The problem: Maggie’s candidate in Virginia, older than dirt Peter Cameron, doesn’t have an evil bone in his body. And without a steady source of food, Maggie’s demon could wind up controlling her. The plot thickens: A crime spree heats up in the sleepy town of Leesburg, Virginia, thanks to a rogue demon intent on creating mayhem. And now the creature has set its sights on Maggie. Somehow, Maggie will have to find a new source of food, stop a rogue demon from exposing its existence to the world, and manage a campaign team made up of two seventy year-old Lesbians and Harry the Terrified Intern. It’s high octane politics, comedy, romance, and campaign sabotage in Souls to the Polls.


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