Soooo….I’m struggling at the moment.  This meerkat’s not at all happy :/ and it’s circumstances I’m not quite ready to talk about but let’s just say I’m busy with things in my offline life and struggling to not only keep up blogging but to in fact even ‘like’ my blog at the moment!  Yes, just over a year old and rather than feeling a proud achievement of reaching over a year old, I’m actually feeling pretty bad about it.

I made a lot of  mistakes when I started blogging, I’ve promised to review too many books, been harassed and treated horribly by a lot of people along the way, attracted a lot of the wrong people to my blog, and have started to question the integrity of some of my reviews.  On top of that I feel like apart from a tiny group of people who actually would really miss me if I left, most people don’t give a care and of those that do a huge chunk would only miss me for the ‘service’ I offer (i.e. reviews of their books).  Yes, I sound a complete mess but I’m really struggling to like my own blog right now.

I don’t want to upset anyone but wanted to keep you in the loop in case you started wondering why I’ve been a little quiet lately and if you haven’t then I’m obviously very good at faking being happy.

The only thing I have done right now which has currently helped is to take down a few reviews from the authors who have harassed me in one way or another in the last year!  Why should I be promoting the work or people who have been nasty to me!?

Anyway, for now I’m not doing anything else apart from mull through until the 20th March.  That’s when the competition to win one of two copies of ‘A Lucky Day’ is over.  I plan to speak more about what’s been happening then but I don’t currently want to spoil the mood of this blog with the way I currently feel.    PLEASE spread the word or enter the giveaway yourself, it’s had barely any entries which just sucks 😦 It’s a very funny and well written book you could win and the books will be sent out by the author.

Thank you and sorry for this pretty lame and sad post. 😦

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21 thoughts on “Struggling…

  1. Hope the blues lead to rosy days. Chin up. You can do this. And taking down the bullies from your site is your privilege and a good start. You have done nothing wrong, so be happy you have values others may lack. Perhaps you will educate the bully about consequences for his/her actions.

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  2. Aw, sorry to hear that you feel so bad. Like others have said, a blog is something that you should do for you; just do as much or as little as you want (say someone who hasn’t posted for months, haha). Hang in there 💐

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  3. Oh Cat! I am really sorry you are finding life so hard at the moment. I cannot offer anything new to say – all your other blogging friends have said it all. I think your blog is excellent and your reviews are great fun. I love your poetry too. Your blog is YOUR blog and you can do whatever you like with it. You can give it a rest for a while or you can limit your posts to one a week or one a month – it’s up to you.
    I expect, if you have spoken to someone about your depression, you have been told about the 3 Good Things Diary. When you are depressed you cannot help but think about the negatives in your life but quite often nice things happen every day. It is very easy to forget these things almost as soon as they happen unless you make a record of them and that is what you have to do in the 3 Good Things Diary. Then you have proof that life is not all bad. It won’t cure your depression but it may lighten your load a little xx I am sorry I hadn’t entered your competition but I always assume that I won’t ever win anything (this is from experience!). I’m going to enter it anyway!

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  4. I’m sorry that you’re feeling this way, reaching a year blogging is a great achievement and something to be applauded, after just getting there myself, I know the amount of time and effort that blogging takes over that whole year and you should be feeling proud over it not disheartened. 😦

    You did the right thing removing those reviews, I doubt anyone would disagree over it, it is and was the right thing to do, why help promote a book by someone who harassed you? Lots of people would have removed the post/review straight away after the authors behaviour so you deserve credit for keeping the posts up for so long.

    It’s such a sad state over this author harassment, you know my view from the post I recently wrote and it shouldn’t be happening, that sort of behaviour is just wrong yet they think they can get away with it as they are ‘authors’ and us just ‘bloggers’ don’t get me wrong, most authors are great to work with but it only takes one to give them a bad name and there’s more than one around. You deserve credit for all the indie authors you’ve had on your blog and the indie books you’ve reviewed and I feel that at times there’s a stigma about bloggers not having indie authors, and the reason most of the time isn’t because the blogger thinks they are too good for indie books and authors it is because of a previous bad experience and because of the posts they’ve seen over people having bad experiences, the indie authors need to realise that the reason bloggers don’t want them on their blogs is due to the very few giving the many a bad name. We don’t get paid for blogging and give up our free time, we don’t want the added stress of dealing with harassment and idiots too. You fully deserve applauding for all the authors you have helped and promoted.

    We do give a service but people shouldn’t miss that, it’s the blogger behind the blog that is important and makes people visit and come to the blog.

    You’re a great blogger with a fantastic blog and should be proud of it.😀

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  5. Feel better soon, and take your time. Your mental health is vital.

    I’ve always seen you as a lovely, chatty person and it’s sad to see you low at the moment.

    Never let people get to you. If they want to be nasty, drop them and surround yourself with individuals who don’t make you feel like rubbish.

    I mean, just look at all the people commenting here. I never get anybody replying on my blog, so it shows there are people here who care for you.

    Take your time and get better. There’s no rush on reviews and those attacking you have big problems. If they don’t like your review, then they shouldn’t be an author.

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  6. The only person on the planet who needs to be happy with your blog is the one who pushes that “Publish” button. Given the amount of time, work, and soul that goes into each post before that button is pushed, you actually owe it to yourself to only do it if you are regularly getting as much—or more!—back in return. I’m so sorry you’re struggling with the blog and related issues. And (although I’m a fan of your blog!) I would be the first to tell you to move on if this isn’t the right thing for you right now.

    I hope you find a path forward that takes advantage of all you have to offer. It would be a shame if a voice like yours was unheard.

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  7. The only person on the planet who needs to be happy with your blog is the one who pushes that “Publish” button. Given the amount of time, work, and soul that goes into each post before that button is pushed, you actually owe it to yourself to only do it if you as much


  8. Hugs. Would listen to the video i posted yesterday on international womens day please…it may just may help you feel better. You take care Cat.

    I think another commentator saud just give yourself some space for a bit and then restart.

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  9. I would ask if everything is OK, but judging by this post, everything is not OK!

    I think it’s admirable that you continue onward even though you’ve had some big struggles. That’s admirable and worthy of emulation.

    I think you do provide a valuable service that people enjoy, and if you enjoy it, then you Remind yourself that you enjoy it and your fans enjoy it and focus on that, not on anybody who doesn’t enjoy it or who would use your good nature in a bad way.

    If you ever need anything, don’t hesitate. I’m happy to help in anyway.


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  10. When blogging and reviewing becomes work, you should stop. And don’t give yourself a date for when you will return. That way it won’t weigh on you. Everyone needs a break. It is ok to let the people know that have sent you a book, that you will not be reviewing it. Return it or delete it depending on what format it is in. When I’ve been overwhelmed with something, I tell myself that I will not think about it for two months. After 2 months is over, if I still haven’t made up my mind, then I give it another 2 months. (This is what I did when I was thinking of quitting my job and going back to school). And when you come back to blogging (because you probably will), you can start fresh with a new set of rules so you don’t get overwhelmed. This is just stuff that i do. I hope it helps, if not, ignore everything I said. 🙂

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  11. We live and learn…. I have read some of the best reviews on the entire internet, reviews you have written. Take a deep breather, have a good sleep, make yourself a cup of tea. Do not worry about the things in the past, Do not worry about the negative things people say. All you need to do is enjoy what you love, because you have ONE life, and that’s it. Think about that.

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  12. I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through all of this. I hope you find peace with all of the great work you have done, I have personally enjoyed many of your reviews. Even bad things can bring about revelation and truth, so I hope you find both during this time!

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  13. I know it is difficult to believe, but there are no real mistakes (unless one commits a felony or something heinous) – every experience is either an achievement or a lesson. Both are valuable.
    Best of luck figuring out your plan for the future (and realize, it is common to do this periodically). My best advice is to do whatever feels correct & not let others push you away from that. Good luck!

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  14. I”m so sorry you’re struggling, I’ve only just ‘met’ you and don’t like the thought that anyone is feeling that bad about blogging. So I send big virtual hugs and tell you to look after yourself.

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