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Review: Mix & Match Colours by Lo Cole


I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the publisher Walker Books for a review.  Mix & Match Colours is a lovely learning board book for the very young, here is my review.

Give your young ones the chance to learn new words with this fun mix & match book, a book within a book.

This is a fun board book created for the very young to learn new objects and colours. The book small and square in shape with the rough size of an A5 piece of paper, and has rounded edges so no chance of baby hurting itself. The book is interesting as it has the normal pages plus an additional centre section which can be opened independently of the larger book. Every double page of the larger book is filled with objects of a single colour type, such as the first page has objects that are all yellow: lemon, banana, sun, etc. Each object is pictured with its name and the images themselves are very simple yet easy to identify. The inner book has a different colour on each page plus the word for that colour and the idea is not only for kids to learn the individual words for different objects but to mix and match the colours to the objects, learning the colours too.

mix1 mix2

I love the illustrations in this book, they are simple and fun and easy for young ones to learn, the added section of colours makes it even more fun as parents can ask the kids which colour the objects are. There are some objects that don’t have a usual colour though such as a pink tricycle which isn’t in reality always pink, but it doesn’t matter as the idea is to learn the colours and some words at the same time.

The book isn’t glossy or wipe clean which has caused some criticism by some reviewers. Some people have also complained about the hinge of the inner book being fragile however this book seems pretty robust to me and I guess it depends on how rough your kids are with the board book as to whether you’ll have any problems.

I always loved books like this one when I was growing up and I think this would really appeal to many young kids and it’s a great way to teach the little ones the colours and a variety of different objects.

Rating: 5/5

Book Description:

Turn the pages of the book within a book to match the colours in this stylish, interactive board book. Bright illustrations and simple words introduce children to colours and everyday objects, and the mix-and-match game makes learning fun. A perfect first book to share with your baby.


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