Blogger Burn-Out, The Book Reviews Sticky Post and Annoying Laptop Issues!


“How many books did I promise to review!?”

So…I’ve been struggling the last few days to connect to the internet after certain programs became corrupted on my laptop :/ .  Luckily I’m quite a bit of a geek and know quite a bit about computers so I was able to fix the problem but not after getting annoyed and frustrated with technical support for their lack of knowledge.  I say I’m good with computers but I’m not quite up to coding one completely yet so a bit frustrating when the tech guys, those people who are supposed to know the ins and outs of their programs, suggested nothing more reinstall which didn’t have quite fix the issues I had which included having to manually clean up some core data which uncorrupted my poor laptop.

Anyway I’m back now and wanted to clear up any possible confusion on the previous sticky post I made where I’ve said I am not accepting new books.  While this is true for the moment I didn’t make clear that if those authors I’ve reviewed for want to contact me about future reviews I didn’t mind receiving your emails.  Although it depends on how many emails I’m given and what genre your book’s in (I’m getting picky these days :p ).

In regard to how I’m reviewing books,  I did suffer a blogger burn out.  After taking a look at my tbr pile and seeing how many books I have and the quality of the last few I read (and didn’t post reviews for) I got fed up with reading and just stopped enjoying it.  The pressure of having to review so many books is of course my own fault for accepting the books but at the time I felt able to keep up.  This year (2017) has turned out to be such a busy one I’m just not able to keep up and all that pressure made me almost resent all the books I had to read.  It got so bad that I suffered from physical stress symptoms (I don’t want to go into details) and doctors told me to just stop all stressful activity where I can.  So I decided to take a break and after a while I decided to take a read of The Night Brother.  The book I won as part of The Borough Press’ twitter competition.  Abandoning my review pile for a short time and reading a book with no pressure to review has really helped.  I’ve enjoyed the book so much and it’s really made me enjoy reading again.

I’m of course going to review the books I’ve promised to, in time, but I just don’t have a clue how long it will take me.  I also have to review the books when I feel like reading them rather than sticking to a rough order which probably led to some of my burn-out feelings too.  I’m also going to be more picky over what I read in the future.  I just know what I like now and some genres interest me more than others.

I just wanted to let you all know that although I’m very busy and the physical symptoms of stress are still there (I have to keep taking it easy for a while) I’m getting better albeit slowly.  I’m sorry for missing blog posts I’ll try my best to keep up.  I hope everyone is well and I’ll be posting a review for The Night Brother very soon 🙂 .


12 thoughts on “Blogger Burn-Out, The Book Reviews Sticky Post and Annoying Laptop Issues!

  1. As my daughter tells me – ‘don’t say don’t worry to someone who suffers from anxiety and depression!’ – so I won’t tell you not to worry 😀 However, I will say do your best to love yourself and care for yourself and only do the things that will reduce stress not make it worse xx

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  2. Hang in there.

    Read when you want and take breaks when you need to. That’s what you would do if it was a job, so don’t be afraid to do it for this either.

    Everybody likes reading your reviews but nobody wants you making yourself sick over it.

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    1. No you’re not slow, I was blogging for weeks and kept seeing tbr without a clue lol. No it’s not my kitty, mine was black and white, I haven’t gotten one since she died yet. That picture’s from I just searched for books and cats 🙂


  3. Blogger burnout sucks and at the end of the day reading should be fun. Reading something with no need to review and it being a book that you want to read is a good idea. Being honest, even with the books I’m sent, I don’t particularly bother with the release date unless its a book I’m eager to read as to me blogging is a hobby, it should be fun, just like reading and so I generally read what I want as I don’t want to lose that enjoyment.😀

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