Important Info on Book Review Requests (new and old)…

Hi, I just wanted to make this a sticky post on my blog to let anyone who visits know that I am unable to accept any review requests from authors at this time.  I have several things going on in my personal life as well as suffering from blogger burn-out at the moment and it’s leading to a lot of stress and stress-related health problems, so I can’t accept any more books for review.  I also can’t guarantee when I’ll get to the books I’ve promised to review.  I’m very sorry about this, I hope everyone will understand and still like to visit this blog.

I’ll still be posting book reviews when I can (and I have one interview left for tomorrow) but I can’t guarantee anything after this.  I’ll explain more when I can.  Thank you ❤


14 thoughts on “Important Info on Book Review Requests (new and old)…

  1. Take care of your self..have you tried meditation.. also i feel badily after a bad car accident last week…. i had spirula and wheatgrass powder in fluid for a few days and slept a good deal on sunday before work and i really felt better physically and emotionally

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  2. Take all the time you need and always remember: book reviewing, reading, blogging, is things you enjoy and it should always be like that!
    Take care, and feel free to write to me anytime, you know where to reach me! Hugs!

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