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What’s been happening…


Sorry I’ve not been here lately to visit blogs and answer comments and messages.  I’ve been feeling a little like the pug in the above picture!  After all the stuff that happened with author bullying (you can see more in this post if confused) I took a LOT of time off and have been visiting the blog just to set up scheduled blog posts.  I also started feeling a bid sick so the extra time off has been good for getting me back to where I should be.  I’m starting to feel better and will be returning to the blog, and social media, albeit slowly (still expect some scheduled posts and me away a bit), but I wanted to just let everyone know why I’ve been away and how things are…And I have another achievement explained in the poem below! 🙂

What’s been happening…

After all that happened here,

I’ve been under the weather.

Struggled with mind and thoughts,

Have not felt very clever.

Been taking things slowly,

I’ve not been feeling well.

Don’t know if you all noticed,

Or was it hard to tell?

Not been online much,

Except to set up post.

Forgot to mention something,

I now have cause to toast.

Was it book reviews or poetry,

Or other type of prose?

I have a new achievement,

500 wordpress follows.

To top that too I’ve noticed,

Another great small feat.

Over 25,000 blog hits,

So many my site has greet.

So thank you all who follow,

And all who just stop by.

It’s nice to feel so noticed,

It’s happy tears that I now cry.

500This is the badge my site got  recently, though if you count all the followers my site has via multiple platforms (facebook, twitter, google+, etc) I have nearly 950 followers!  😮   Thank you everyone!!!! 😀

What’s been happening… written by and copyright of ‘C thehappymeerkat’ of Happymeerkatreviews. 

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