Poetry: The Tremble of my Soul


The daily prompt word for today is Tremble and this picture really inspired this piece.  It’s an issue close to me heart, being an animal lover.  Not sure about the title though :/ .  *A quick note for everyone following this blog.  I’ve not been well today, just a little under the weather, so I haven’t been online much.  It’s also a busy month so I’ll be on and off on the blog.  I’ll be setting up automatic blog posts to go out and be online when I can.  Hope you are all well and hope you like the poem…

The Tremble of my Soul

Alone I sit lost and cold,

Bones and skin, growing old.

I wait for you, night and day,

To once again run and play.

Forget the chill, let it come,

Mind and body make it numb.

Take away the pain and fear,

In my heart your cold, sharp spear.

Too late for fix or mend or heal,

No longer do I want to feel.

You do not care, life you shatter,

To you I really do not matter.

To think you were my best friend,

My life now here is at an end.

One day I hope you’ll stop and see,

What happened when you replaced me.


The Tremble of my Soul’ written by ‘C thehappymeerkat’  of Happymeerkatreviews. 

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