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Review: A Lucky Day by Carlos J. Server


I was kindly sent a free ARC copy of this book by the author Carlos J. Server.  A Lucky Day is a comedy novel originally published in Spanish.  The book was a finalist in the first Amazon indie literary prize for Spanish authors and I can see why it became a best seller in Spanish.  This book has just been translated into English and is officially being released everywhere in English on the 7th February, here is my review.

When the largest prize on the Euromillions is won by somebody in the small village of Sainte Marie d’Azur in France, there’s a race to find out who has the winning ticket and to cash it in time.  But will the winner even come forward to claim the prize, and what will happen when the village find out who it is?

‘A Lucky Day’ is such a funny book I can’t believe how much it had me laughing.  The book is an English release of the Spanish ‘Un Día Con Suerte’ and I’m so glad it’s been translated as it’s now one of my favourite comedy books.  The story takes place initially on the 24th August in a small village along the French Riviera where somebody has won the biggest ever prize on the Euromillions.  The date is important as it’s the last day for the winner to come forward and claim the prize which until then nobody has done.  You find out from the first chapters that the news of the win has complicated things in the village and through flashbacks we then learn what has happened in the last three months.

The book is so easy to get into and from the first pages I was really hooked.  Every chapter is filled with comedy which I can only describe as farcical and it’s so silly and funny that I found myself laughing out loud.  A few moments in the book were so funny I had to put it down for a minute as I couldn’t stop laughing!  The chapters are short and switch between different scenes.  The chapters also have a date and it’s important to note the date as the action swings back and forth from the past to the present.  There’s never any confusion despite all the different characters introduced and the whole book took on the feel of a movie.  I could really see this turned into a madcap comedy on screen!

The tale never really delves too deeply into character’s personalities and they might be considered a little one-dimensional but at the same time this book isn’t supposed to be about deep character building.  Instead you have obvious good and bad characters and lots of funny in between.  As description on the back of the book states, there’s a priest with verbal incontinence, an old lady with sexual fantasies about the local butcher, a villainous baker, etc.  The characters might not be too deep but there are moments when you learn more about them and you do end up routing for some of them.   I especially love Julien’s unfolding tale and all the scenes with Father André.

The story has a sex scene in it, it’s actually very brief and funny and it doesn’t go into any real details.  There isn’t much violence apart from fighting which ends up more farcical than vicious and one use of the b swear word.  Unless someone takes offense to the way the priest is depicted, as a little less than perfect, or to the general farce style of comedy then I would say this book is a great comedy for anyone to enjoy.

I don’t know if it’s because I love that general farce humour in things like the Carry On films but this book is one I really enjoyed. It’s so funny and the ending is a very satisfying one.  If you are looking for a deep book with deep character building then I’d say this wasn’t for you, however for something light-hearted and very funny I would really recommend reading this, especially if you love to read or watch this sort of thing on the screen.  A really great book, I can’t wait to read more from this author.

Rating: 5/5

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Book Description:

The largest prize ever awarded by the EuroMillions lottery has been won by a lucky someone from a small village on the French Riviera. What starts out as the happiest day in history for the local inhabitants soon turns into a race against the clock to find the lucky winner and cash in the lottery ticket. A priest with verbal incontinence, a sweet little old lady with secret sexual fantasies about the local butcher, a village mayor who’s held power for thirty years, and a mailman in love with the wife of a villainous baker are just a few of the quirky characters who will make you laugh and occasionally bring a tear to your eye as you enjoy everyday situations taken to extremes. A Lucky Day is a heartwarming comedy peopled by a highly entertaining cast of characters.

Truly a novel to be savored slowly, if possible.

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