Poetry: Through Winter To When Spring


As everyone knows I am taking some time off from the blog and am a bit slow to respond to messages so please bear with me.  But when I logged in to check out the daily prompt I saw that the word for today is yellow.  I did a search on pixabay for the word yellow and this fuzzy thing came up 🙂 .  So this is a slightly odd poem that came out when looking at this picture:

Through Winter To When Spring

Through horrid times of dark and dust,

When solid greens give way to rust.

Through chill of winds that are so bitter,

When crispened leaves become a litter.

Through sunless days that are so hollow,

When lack of light becomes my sorrow.

Through dismal gloom I could give in,

When pain takes over, let it win.

Through grey and cloud I make a plea,

When blackness holds I push to see.

Through dreary sky so unclean,

When shoot from root become a green.

Through flake of ice to water drop,

When furry creatures start to hop.

Through dimmed skies that look so bleak,

When things emerge with use of beak.

Through dour until new do grow,

When I welcome a world of yellow.

Through Winter To When Spring written by and copyright of C thehappymeerkat of Happymeerkatreviews. 

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