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Review: Runaway Smile By Nicholas C. Rossis


I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this book by the author Nicholas C. Rossis.  Runaway Smile is a lovely children’s book which will really put a smile on everyone’s face, here is my review.

A young boy wakes up to find his smile has run away.  Where could it have gone?  And how will he get it back?

This is such a lovely story which made me both smile and laugh at some of what happens.  The story follows the boy who wakes to find he has lost his smile.  On his journey to school and back home he meets lots of interesting characters who are smiling and asks them to help him.  I won’t give away more of the story as it will spoil it, but there is a lovely heartwarming ending to the tale and it certainly brought a smile to my face as I read it.

The story is fun and actually made me laugh with some of the silliness, such as a book-reading, glasses-wearing dog, a sausage tree and a closet monster which was very funny.  I love reading stories that are a bit weird like that and it just added to the humour.  There are fun illustrations throughout the book and surrounding the text.  These illustrations look like the one on the cover and are the same style, and by the same illustrator, as ones I’ve seem in ‘Musiville’ another lovely kids tale by Rossis and they just add to the overall fun and humour of the story.
There’s an extra bonus bit at the back of the book which was also a fun addition to the story, an Ode to a runaway smile!

The ending of the story is one that I really loved and it’s a predictably happy book but I think so many kids and adults would love to read this.  I was feeling quite down the day I read this and it put an instant smile on my face and cheered me up and I didn’t think any book could.  I was so cheered up I read it again and enjoyed it even more.  A lovely book I really recommend to everyone of every age!

Rating: 5/5

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Author’s website:

Book Description:

Winner of the Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Award, in the Young Adult Fiction category. Award-Winning Finalist in the “Children’s Fiction” category of the 2015
International Book Awards
, Award-Winning Finalist in the 2015 Independent Author Network Book of the Year Awards.

“I woke up this morning and I had lost my smile and it wasn’t my fault and I looked everywhere and it was gone. Then I met a workman and a king and the best salesman in the world and a clown and no-one wanted to give me theirs. At school, I asked Miss to give me hers, but she gave us a pop quiz instead, and then no-one was smiling and…”

A little boy’s smile runs away until it owner learns that an unshared smile is a wasted smile.

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