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Review: The Large Family – My First Year at Nursery by Jill Murphy


I was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the publisher Walker Books for a review.  It’s a special book to add to rather than read, here is my review.

Every parent wants to treasure their child’s first year at nursery as they grow up and experience so many new things. This is a lovely book to record all those precious moments as well as keep photos, drawings and other souvenirs.

This is a lovely hardback book a little shorter than A4 in size. The front cover is padded making this book feel even more special. Inside the book has many spaces for your child to put in their name, their favourite foods, who they are in class with, what their class name is, etc. Each of the pages has lots of space for details to be filled in as well as obvious spaces to place photographs or drawings which your child will bring home with them from nursery. Although the book is written as if the child is writing all the information down, it is of course meant to be filled in by adults with the help of the child and kept for the future as a lovely memento of your child’s first year at nursery.


Throughout the pages of the book there are images of the elephants you can see on the front cover. The book is called ‘My First Year at Nursery’ but has a heading ‘The Large Family’, a collection of books featuring the elephants you can see. Even if you haven’t read the books, as I haven’t, they are a beautiful touch and not only make the whole book feel more special but also make it appeal more to kids to fill in and look at too.

The book charts an entire year in the child’s life, through to autumn, summer holidays and then winter. The last page is about the last day of term, with information to be filled in on where the child will go next and what friends if any will go with them. The final page which is the inside of the back cover has a pocket which sticks out a little. This is a lovely space to put all the extra pictures, drawings and other things you want to keep as a memento. This pocket is actually expandable quite a bit, so even though it may make the book bulk out a little, if you have a lot of souvenirs there’s a place for all of them to be.


I really love this book and wish I’d had one when I was growing up. It’s such a lovely idea and has some lovely illustrations that just make this all the more special. A perfect gift for anyone with a young child about to enter nursery.

Rating: 5/5

Book Description:

Record every detail of your child’s first year at nursery including, favourite friends, everyday activities, festive fun and special stories. There is plenty of room to record all of your most treasured moments with spaces for precious photographs and priceless works of art. There’s even a special keepsake pocket to store souvenirs and mementos so that you and your family can enjoy them for ever.


4 thoughts on “Review: The Large Family – My First Year at Nursery by Jill Murphy

  1. This does look lovely! If you get the chance, do read some of Jill Murphy’s stories about the Large family and also her Bear family too; they are wonderful and very funny. My daughters loved them and so did I! It will only take you a few minutes as you browse the shelves in the library or the bookshop 😀

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