Poetry: To You Dear Friend…


Ok so yesterday I had a pretty bad wobble in terms of feeling depressed.  A lot of individual things all piled together and got to me and I wrote this very dark poem You Do Not Want The Truth as a way of explaining/releasing all my grievances.  I then went offline the rest of the day.  Well today I am truly touched my how many people responded and indeed did see the deeper meaning in the poem.  All of your kind words have really helped me and I still haven’t had time to reply to everyone but will get to that soon.  I just wanted to say a big thank you!   You are all so amazing at making me feel better and part of a community when I felt so alone.  I’ve thought about and agree also with the advice that so many of you have told me both yesterday and over the past few months, that I should write more poetry.  I’ve made the decision to start doing that.  So as a thank you to everyone who cared to read the poem, especially those of you who commented, here it is (I’m also linking this to the daily prompt word successful – kind of fitting ❤ )

To You Dear Friend…

A big thank you for being my friend,

May our closeness never end.

You cheer me up when I am down,

Replace with smile my deepest frown.

You give me courage when I have none,

Destroy the clouds, bring out the sun.

Help me see, when I am lost,

Warm my heart, thaw the frost.

Even if we know not well,

Each other yet to say we gel.

Even if you are unknown,

I’m grateful for what you have shown.

So please accept, to you I thank,

For lifting me from dark and dank.

For shining a path that is so clear,

For releasing me from all the fear.

I thank for you put me on the track,

Though cannot promise I won’t go back.

But now I know, will find my way,

For you will save me when I stray.

To You Dear Friend…  written by C thehappymeerkat of Happymeerkatreviews.  All writing on this blog copyright of ‘C thehappymeerkat’.

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15 thoughts on “Poetry: To You Dear Friend…

  1. Please keep speaking your truth from your heart. Over time, you’ll find yourself increasingly surrounded by those who do the same. It’s a gift that keeps on giving. There will sometimes be pain for whole-heartedly living life this way but not nearly so much as that which comes from the ignorance and pain that grows and spreads when we choose to live in fear.

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