Poetry: You Do Not Want The Truth


This is inspired by my very depressed mood recently which seems to be getting worse 😦

You Do Not Want The Truth

Would anyone notice,

If I left this here place?

Would anyone even see it,

The pain that’s on my face?

Didn’t want to hurt or harm,

I just wanted all the best.

But no matter what I said,

You saw me as a pest.

Said you wanted honest,

Said you wanted truth.

I gave it, you attacked me,

Or acted all aloof.

Countless times I’ve had to,

Explain my actions here.

Instead of feeling welcomed,

You left me feeling fear.

Instead of being helpful,

You didn’t understand.

Think you know better,

Bury your head in sand.

I’ve had a year of all this,

Trying to help you to see.

That you are not as you think,

Being the best you can be.

But every time I speak up,

I get little in support.

Instead you just berate me,

Think I’m the one to thwart.

You cannot see the damage,

That you yourself do make.

That you are the one to cause,

All the sabotage and break.

You hide in your own bubble,

Surround yourself with friends.

Who tell you, you are perfect,

Never shining that close lens.

They will not tell you truth,

To avoid it on themselves.

Perhaps just as ignorant,

Of what’s on their bookshelves.

I tried so hard to tell you,

But now it’s painfully clear.

That you will never want it,

Never want to even hear.

So ousted once again,

Am I from this whole group.

Accepted when I’m useful,

But not really in the loop.

Always an outsider,

Unless I do the same.

My brain and clever thinking,

You treat as if inane.

So comes back the question,

Of what I here should do.

Continue as I have been,

Or start afresh, anew?

There’s one thing for certain,

I am no longer welcome here.

To post my own opinion,

Would result in my own tear.

To share what I know,

Is wrong in your own eyes.

The advice that I give you,

You truly do despise.

So now I’m left alone,

And I know you do not care.

How many would really notice,

If I wasn’t there?

How long would it take,

For all to have forgot?

Would it even take a day,

Or am I already rot?

The answer is you’ll notice,

Until I’m of no more use.

Beyond, it doesn’t matter,

If I live or use the noose.

You Do Not Want The Truth  written by C thehappymeerkat of Happymeerkatreviews.  All writing on this blog copyright of ‘C thehappymeerkat’.

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38 thoughts on “Poetry: You Do Not Want The Truth

  1. Wow I had no idea all this went on in the reviewing world … one I feel blessed not to know!

    Your poetic expression is stunning, thanks for sharing your woes.

    I review cafes, etc and anyone who knows my reviews quickly learn that if I DON”T mention service, food, etc its because I don’t have anything good to say. Those reviews still get read and I can rave on about the decor but I do find it easier to not highlight their shortcomings. The absence of comment is my review. And of course if I rave on about food and service you’ll know it’s tops.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sorry you have had this experience. I always appreciate the time reviewers expend in reviewing my work. I may not always agree with what a reviewer says, however it is their opinion which I (and other writers) must respect. whenever I have a means of doing so (by, for example leaving a comment on the reviewer’s site) I always thank them for the review, (simply thank them without entering into a dialogue regarding their review). Kind regards, Kevin

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you. You are a professional and that I really appreciate. I am always respectful in my reviews of books anyway so a mere thank you means a lot to me as well as that respect that it is just my own opinion :).


  3. This poem is so expressive and beautifully written. This feeling of being out of the loop and unwanted unless I’m useful is something I’ve felt in the past. Depression is something I struggle with quite frequently. Thank you for writing this poem and for sharing it. I know I’m not alone in saying you matter. You would be missed if you were not around. The world is a better place with you in it.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Of course many would notice Cat. I’m sorry that this is something that you struggle with, but I’m proud that you are open and honest enough to create something beautiful from it. That’s the sign of a wonderful artist. Take the pain and translate for those around you. And may I say, you did a wonderful job.

    Liked by 3 people

  5. I would notice as well Cat! Breaking away from relationships like the one in your poem is really hard but even though you may be on your own for a while you are at least free from people who make you feel unwanted and useless. Breaking away is empowering and gives you hope that next time you find friends they will treat you with the respect you deserve..
    I am sorry your depression is getting worse. Have you asked your GP to refer you to a specialist at hospital. My daughter was eventually diagnosed and got the help she needed once she spoke to a doctor at Kings Cross Hospital.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your support. I am seeing someone for it. I think certain factors can make the depression worse and apart from what’s been happening with people I’ve also not exercised much in the cold spell and do suffer worse in the winter. I’m feeling better today and looking forward to the warmer weather (it’s freezing at the moment )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it’s freezing here too – it was -7 degrees C last night 😮 I am glad you are seeing someone and can talk about your unhappiness with a professional. A walk outside every day is very good for you as well as getting enough Vitamin D. You could try a special lamp for sufferers of SAD. – it may help you. Many of my relatives suffer during the winter so I know what it’s like. On top of depression it must be miserable for you. xx

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  6. Cat, Your poems are great and I wish you would do more poems I enjoy them. BTW – YEAH I would notice that your not blogging !! In an indirect way the poems are your way to release … and it a good way … You are great poet.

    Liked by 3 people

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