Poetry: Release


Warning:  I believe I’m suffering the effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) that condition where lack of sunlight makes you feel depressed.  So this poetry is dark….Hope you like it 😉 .


On the verge of something,

I don’t know quite yet what.

Cannot put a finger on,

Why my brain is in a knot.

Find it hard to cope now,

To put it all behind.

To see and think clearly,

Through the haze inside my mind.

Want to find a way out,

Don’t want to pull my hair.

Cannot face the misery,

Don’t want to feel dispair.

Solution if there is one,

Can’t find without the pain.

If I don’t do something quickly,

I know I’ll go insane.

There is no other choice here,

Not another way out.

Nothing else will work,

No screams or any shout.

No matter what you say,

If you know or not know why.

Nothing will stop me doing this,

No pleading, beg or cry.

So let me be alone now,

The hurt can finally cease.

If not forever then temporary,

To spill blood is my release.

‘Release’ written by C thehappymeerkat of Happymeerkatreviews.

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8 thoughts on “Poetry: Release

    1. Yes I usually feel better with exercise myself, but I was quite a bit I’ll lately and haven’t done as much as I used to..maybe a relation there? Who knows. Thank you you’re so kind as always and thank you for the advice. I’ll look into the vitamins 🙂

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    1. Sorry. Never sure if I should publish such things or not. On the plus side (at least for me) writing down the emotions sort of releases them. I always feel better than when I used to bottle feelings and thoughts up :). Did you see the picture book I reviewed called Picken? One look at the silly pictures should cheer up the mood it does for me :).

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      1. You have no need to apologise; I thought the poem was great and that last line was extremely effective. You should always publish your poems, especially as they are such therapy for you and are greatly appreciated by your readers ❤
        I did see Picken 😀 My elder daughter had a book very much like it when she was little and we had such fun with it!

        Liked by 1 person

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