Struggling Because of the …Snow?!


So after going on and on to people about the fact it doesn’t really snow here in Kent (UK), this evening it has!  There’s a fine blanket of snow outside which looks lovely and magical but won’t be so fun walking through in the morning.  I’m not sure if it’s the dark weather we’ve had the last few days and now the snow, or something else is going on, but my internet is down a lot both on my laptop and my phone.  It’s making my usual routine of visiting blogs and posting up my own posts difficult.  I’m also late with emailing people.  I just wanted to apologise to anyone who I’ve promised to get in touch with and for everyone here for being a bit absent from wordpress lately.  I’m trying to get up scheduled posts before my internet goes down but it’s not working out as planned :/.

I’m doing my best but until my internet’s not slow I’m not sure when I’m online and for how long so please be patient if you’re expecting me to contact you or visit your blog.  And thank you again for all your patience and for everyone following :).

How’s the weather where you are?  We might not have a full blown avalanche of snow every year (sometimes it’s mere centimetres thick) but here in the UK, because we’re not used to it, we seem to shut down each time it happens.  Panic hits and mayhem happens when trains and roads grind to a halt  from too much snow on the ground!

In the meantime I can share with you that I’ve just added a StumbleUpon button to the sharing buttons on this blog this morning.  Not sure what that’ll bring in terms of views but we shall see, oh yes and feel free to share any posts on this site and use the sharing buttons.  Also tell me if there’s others that I’m missing, I have no idea what something called ‘pocket’ is – anyone know?.

Hope the weather doesn’t stop your day/week.  🙂

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10 thoughts on “Struggling Because of the …Snow?!

  1. When we lived in South Carolina, the mere sight of a snowflake usually resulted in a pileup on the interstate…. I know that it sounds like I’ve exaggerating in the worst way, but those people seriously panicked. One time, when it was snowy and I was heading home from the store, I was calmly driving up a hill (piedmont) and heading for a curve, another car tried to charge up the hill and pass me only to realize there was on-coming traffic. They jammed on their brakes and I don’t know what all in a panicked reaction, spun off the road an literally ended up in someone’s yard sitting on the roof of their car, wheels up, like a dead dog or something.
    There were people in the house, so I continued on driving carefully and made it home without problem. I later confirmed that the driver’s only injury had been his pride.

    Enjoy your snow, but – if possible – avoid panicked people!

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    1. Wow people can be daft in snow weather! Turns out all the snow here’s melted overnight so no problem of panic but here in the UK the slightest snow stops all the trains. the snow has melted but I’ve already seen there are delays on the local train network. We usually get crazy panicky people before Chritmas. Stores are shut for exactly one day, but people buy supplies of everything as if there’s a nuclear attack and we’re all going to be in bunkers for weeks lol

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