Have You Lost Some Followers?


Ok, so this is a quick update before I post up a book review.  I’m afraid I logged into wordpress to find that I’m not following some of the blogs I’m supposed to be following.  I really have no idea why this has happened but if you have a blog and you knew I was following it, and see that I’m not now, let me know.  It’s very frustrating.  My internet’s been down yesterday and then when I finally get into wordpress I couldn’t use it as it was super slow.  Another update perhaps as I’ve noticed the stats page has widened – anyone else notice that?

Anyway, from what I’ve heard from friends, it’s happened to a lot of people over the years with wordpress so please don’t take it personally if I seem to have un-followed your blog.  I’ve never un-followed any blogs so give me a nudge if you see me missing :).


13 thoughts on “Have You Lost Some Followers?

    1. Thank goodness. So annoying that these updates seem to bedeleting some of my follows. I did notice the reader actually improved for me on my slow internet connection, but now they changed it again and it’s made it harder for me to use 😦

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