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Review: Nu Book 1 – The Esss Advance by Charles E. Waugh


I was kindly sent a free paperback copy of this book by the author Charles E. Waugh.  The Esss Advance is the first in the Nu Trilogy of books.  It’s a very interesting and promising science fiction novel, here is my review. 

Billions of years ago a conflict arose between two alien races. Now, with humanity having expanded its space travel, Earth and the Milky Way galaxy are about to become a new battleground.

‘The Esss Advance’ is the first in the ‘Nu Trilogy’ of books. It’s a science fiction novel set in our future, a future filled with advanced technology and space travel. The book starts with a prelude which is worth reading as it sets up the whole story of the conflict between two alien races long ago. After that the book focuses on one main character for a while, Sted Richardson.

The start of the book after the prelude was a little difficult to get into. Apart from an accident the main character has which results in him losing his legs, it was a slow start. There was a lot of technical information about advancements in medicine and technology which you might find yourself a little overwhelmed with at first, but as the story progressed I got used to it and it really helped to build a clear and detailed world of the future. The future is advanced but I like the fact that it’s not so far into the future that our world isn’t recognisable.

The book is written in the third person and different chapters follow different characters and scenes. Each chapter has a title which I actually found helpful as I instantly knew what it would be about. What’s interesting about this book is that it switched between what was happening with humans, both in space and Earth, as well as scenes about the two alien races, the Esss and the Nu. I really got into this novel after the first chapter from the aliens point of view. It was far more exciting and really drew me in to continue reading. If the story seems a little slow in the beginning it definitely builds to be more exciting and faster paced in the second half of the book. Scenes are seen from both the alien and human points of view which made each encounter more interesting to read.

The story of the Nu is one I really enjoyed. I’m not going to spoil it but the Nu story in relation to Earth is the type I love reading in science fiction. It’s actually a little bit similar to another book I recently read called ‘Gene Pool Creation’ although this novel is far more detailed and has more complex story and the two aren’t exactly the same. The ending is exciting but being part of a trilogy, the story is far from over, in fact it just feels like the start.

The book doesn’t have any sex and doesn’t have any swearing above the b word. There’s also no gory violence, although there is obvious military fighting using weapons but nothing that I think would really shock so I think some teens may enjoy this too. Although the book was exciting to read and certainly picked up in the second half, I still found it a little difficult at times. A lot of the characters talk to each other, military reports being explained and although I didn’t find this hard to read, there were so many characters introduced with their full names that I did sometimes forget who some of them were. Despite this I did like the interactions between Sted and Jessica.

Overall I would recommend this book. It’s well written and an interesting start to what I hope will be an amazing trilogy. The story of the Esss and Nu is exciting, I really can’t predict what will happen next and although it had a slow start for me, it really picks up the more you read. You even find out what the pyramid on the front cover is! A great science fiction novel.

Rating: 4/5

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Book Description:

The new HG Rickover Shipyard in the asteroid belt was designed to build humanity’s first interstellar colonization ships. Construction of the Voyager III was just underway when the visitors first appeared in the constellation Orion, approaching the solar system from the galactic rim.

What humanity didn’t know was that they were about to take center stage in a mufti-billion year conflict between two races that originated in the Andromeda Galaxy and had now poured over into the Milky Way.

Sted Richardson had been pushing hard to lead that first interstellar mission, but his plans were cut short by a freak accident at Tranquility Base on Luna. With the loss of both legs above the knees, he was no longer eligible to lead that mission. His new prosthetic legs, however, gave him hope. His advances in a new career as captain of a state of the art mining assay ship were about to lead him into the forefront of humanity’s battle for its very existence.

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