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Review: Gene Pool Creation by Mich A. F. Jones


I  was kindly sent a free copy of this book by the publisher Austin Macauley for a review.  Gene Pool: Creation is an interesting science fiction novel, here is my review.

The human gene pool has become very restricted, to the point that the species is facing future extinction. The Gathering of Doctors has a plan, they want to save the species, let it continue by creating a new hybrid on a new planet. But with the military against them, can they complete their plans in time, and what happens when they visit the planet they’ve created?

‘Gene Pool: Creation’ has a brilliant and well thought out plot. I don’t want to spoil it by revealing too much but the book does cover a really interesting story about evolution and what happens to a species. I’d warn people right away that the highly religious might not enjoy this book so much as it sort of questions some aspects of religion, being evolution based, but those who aren’t too offended with ideas of evolution will enjoy this science fiction story, it may even leave you more open-minded.

The book is very well written. All the descriptions are done in the third person perspective and different chapters can switch between different groups of people such as the military, then the Gathering of Doctors, to those on the planet, etc.. The switching is easy to follow though and makes the plot more interesting. The story itself is one that I really liked. It’s not only a great science fiction story but after reading it I’m asking myself questions about our own world and our own existence, the type of story that makes you wonder and possibly feel eerie about our own life. (I love it when a book does that!)

As well written as the plot is though I felt like an excitement factor was missing. I can’t fault the story at all, it’s really well thought out and there aren’t any plot holes but something about the writing felt a little distant, not as exciting as it could have been, however it was still an enjoyable read and I could easily see such a story turned into a film.

After a while the plot might seem a little predictable, depending on your knowledge of certain events, but this is deliberate and the ending is good and I didn’t know what was going to happen. The book doesn’t have any swearing and there is mild sex but more like a reference than a proper sex scene. I think some teens might enjoy this book as well as adults though it depends on the individual.

Overall I liked this book and would recommended anyone into science fiction to read it. It’s not the most exciting story to read but I really can’t fault the plot and I love the ideas this book brings about our own existence. Worth the read!

Rating: 4/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

According to the Gathering of Doctors, the gene pool has become dangerously restricted and variation must be reintroduced to save the planet. The Senate has never seen eye to eye with the Doctors and bans them from implementing their ideas. Consequently the Doctors choose to secretly geo-engineer a planet to save the existing species from extinction. On reaching the newly created planet, the Doctors discover an animal with a close genetic match to themselves and proceed with their programme to create a new hybrid. Everything appears to be going to plan until some of the ship’s crew succumb to temptation and visit the planet surface. Horrifying events proceed to unfold and the Doctors are faced with a race against time to save the planet and its species before the military destroy everything.


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