Poetry: A Christmas Question


The following poem came to me after seeing that the Daily Prompt word for today is Moody.  The word moody doesn’t  really fit the poem (it’s not what you might expect) but it inspired me so…

A Christmas Question

Do you find it strange that I am here,

So empty of that Christmas cheer?

Wonder why I choose to sigh,

Maybe don’t notice, see me cry?

Why only once a year you pray?

Why not do it every single day?

Why choose only Christmas Eve?

Are you blind, stupid or just naïve?

Do you not think I need, when it is hot,

As you climb into your car, plane or yacht?

Don’t you see me alone right there?

Do you even look up, even care?

Of course I am happy on this cold night,

That you give me something I can bite.

Give me shelter so I can feel,

Warmth and love that is so real.

But once it is over, when it is done,

You’ll feel so good, I’ll have none.

You’ll be so proud, walk down the street,

Will you notice me there, lying by your feet?



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