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Review: NOW: Act Now and Get What You Want in Life by Sultan Ahmed


I was kindly sent a  free digital copy of this book by the author Sultan Ahmed for a review.  It’s a self-help book to motivate and inspire you to get what you want from life, here is my review.

Living in the Now is so important. Most people wait for the perfect moment to do something, but waiting for the perfect time could take forever. Waiting for the perfect time can make you feel you’ve missed opportunities, watching others succeed while you wait. But this book aims to change your way of thinking, to help you act NOW in order to succeed in life.

This is a short ebook which would be great for anyone wanting to improve their life. The book isn’t long (about 42 pages) but packs a decent amount of information for its size. I’ve read a lot of life improvement and self-help books over the years, and the idea of ‘living in the now’ isn’t a new one, it’s been mentioned again and again, but it’s a very hard thing to do. This book aims to help, not only explaining why you should live in the now, but how to do it too.

The first chapters explain what the NOW concept is. It’s all about being confident and doing something now, not waiting until the perfect time. The book is geared towards success in a career, but mentions different people from well known business people and entrepreneurs to successful writers like JK Rowling. Each of these people has had amazing success and this book show the potential of how to reach for that success too, by doing something ‘NOW’.

If I’m honest, I’m not a personal fan of living in the now. It’s quite a hard thing for someone like me with OCD to do. I tend to dwell on future worries and past regrets, but it’s something I’m aiming to change and I’m surprised how this book has motivated me to live more in the now. The book shows some simple techniques to help us live in the now and to focus on getting rid of negative thinking (something I think would benefit many). There are quotes scattered throughout the book to help motivate you too.

The book is a short read but I actually liked this. Rather than waffling on over too many pages, the book gets right to the point and it motivated me to start thinking and acting differently right away. The simplicity of the chapters also means I can go back and read over chapters again to reinforce ideas in my mind. As short and good as it is though, I do feel like I would have preferred a little more. There are tips such as how long to give yourself to dwell on failure, and although the advice is very good, nobody should over-dwell on bad stuff, I can’t help but feel that the book is aimed more at people who don’t have real difficulty in changing their thought patterns. It’s great advice for the average person who faces difficulty with negative thinking, but if you have bigger problems such as depression, etc, then this book might not be motivating enough to change your thinking.

Overall I liked this book though and would recommend it as a quick read for anyone looking to boost their confidence and push themselves towards success. It’s a good book for those who haven’t read up much on the idea of ‘now’ but if you have read many self-help books on the subject it might not contain enough information for you. Though I would have preferred more techniques on how to get away from negative thinking, this book has still motivated me, despite my pre-disposition to thinking negatively. A good book for anyone looking for a quick and easy read to motivate and succeed in life.

Rating: 4/5

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Book Description:

Are you waiting for the ‘right moment’? Are you watching life pass you by while working in a job you don’t enjoy? Do you find it hard, going after the things you most desire? Are you looking to make drastic positive changes in order to get the life you want?

Search no more. This book is for YOU.

Achieve everything you’ve ever wanted with NOW by Sultan Ahmed.
This book will inspire you to live up to your full potential, and give you the courage to face setbacks and failure.


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