Important Website/Blog News – Update


So a short post to update you with what’s happening.  As many of you know this blog’s been undergoing some revamping work.  Well, I’m nearly done but not quite yet.  I am hoping to be finished fixing up this website before Friday because that is the one year anniversary of this blog!!!  Yes, on Friday Happymeerkatreviews will be 1 year old and I’ll be celebrating by sharing some news of what’s going to be happening with this blog in the next few months.  There are some exciting updates on special events coming up.

In the meantime though, tomorrow and the next day I will be releasing several book reviews for children’s books (and one that isn’t a kids book).  There are many lovely books to get your kids before Christmas with several having a wintery/Christmassy themes too!

Whether I get the blog done in time or not, I’ll still be celebrating the day on Friday, so I hope you’ll enjoy all the news about Happymeerkatreviews coming up and forgive me if I’m slow to reply to messages in the next two days :).

For now, don’t forget to enter the giveaway for your chance to win a signed copy of Descriptions of Heaven!  See the author interview and giveaway launch here.  Or click below to enter the giveaway:

click here!

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