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Review: Magical Stories by Sofia O’Hara


Hello everyone and happy belated thanksgiving to everyone across the pond :).  I have a new children’s book review for you today and still have quite a few children’s books to show you before Christmas.  Today’s book is ‘Magical Stories’ which was kindly sent to me by the author Sofia O’Hara for a review.  It is a collection of three stories, here is my review:

Feeling different and being treated differently by others can ruin a child’s confidence. Magical Stories is a set of three tales, each designed to teach children that it’s alright to be different and to believe in themselves.

This book is made up of three stories: ‘The Frog That Could Not Jump’, ‘Someone Like Me’, and ‘Popular’. Each of these stories is well written and presented but I feel is aimed at an increasingly older age group than the story before it.
The first story in the book is my favourite and with a lovely message and tale. ‘The Frog That Could Not Jump’ tells the tale of Oscar, a frog who was born with short legs which don’t allow him to jump. Oscar has never even tried to jump because everyone tells him he cannot do it. The story is wonderfully written that I felt for the character right away. Oscar’s lack of self-confidence and believing he cannot jump because of everyone telling him so is something a lot of children could relate to. The ending of this story is really lovely and has a great message and I believe young children will enjoy this tale.

The second story is ‘Someone Like Me’. This story, aimed at slightly older children, is a tale about a boy called Lou who doesn’t fit in with everyone at school. He doesn’t talk to anyone and has little confidence in himself. One day he wishes that there would be someone just like him that he could be friends with, and that wish is granted but not in the way he expected. This story has the message of children being happy and liking who they are. After reading about Oscar, this story was less enchanting and sweet but it still had a nice message about liking who you are and not being afraid that you won’t fit in.

The third story, ‘Popular’, feels like it is aimed mostly at girls of a pre-teen age, around the time many girls might have self-esteem issues with the way they look. The story is about Jenna, a girl who finds herself bullied at school and starts hating herself and her own body. This is a story I really related to and although some reviewers have stated it’s a story for 11-12 year olds, many girls will have body issues at a younger age. I myself was bullied for the way I looked and would have related to this at the age of 10. Jenna’s story shows girls how to gain confidence and love their bodies. The tale is very original and I really do like the way that this story goes, although there is some repetition at the end. Some younger children won’t understand the idea of this story and I’m not sure boys would enjoy it either but it has a great and strong message for girls who are struggling with their self-confidence and I really enjoyed the last line which made me smile.

There are three pictures in this book, each at the start of a story, a sort of front cover for each tale. While I don’t feel it is necessary to have more images, I think the tale about Oscar would benefit from more pictures are young children would relate and enjoy it more, although the image of ‘the Frog That Could Not Jump’ is lovely and I’ve taken a picture to show you. The book has quite large print so is easy to read.


Each of these stories is lovely and all have a great message. I really enjoyed Oscar’s story and feel this is the strongest and best story of the collection. Most children could relate to Oscar in some way though with Lou and Jenna it would depend more on whether they are girls or boys and what confidence issues children might have. I’m not sure all three stories fit together in a collection but I’d still recommend the book as a great way of possibly boosting kids confidence in themselves.

Rating: 4/5

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Book Description:

The book is a collection of three children’s stories written like little novels for kids. These stories were created with the purpose of helping children believe in themselves as the age progresses. This is a great book to grow with. The book is a collection of three magical stories designed to provide impacting inspiration in a way that children can easily understand.

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