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Review: The Embers of Enchantment Destinies Entwined Part 1 by S D Davieson


I was kindly sent a paperback copy of this children’s fantasy book by the publisher DRAGONi Books.  This is part 1 of 4 which make up the whole story, a book I have really enjoyed so far.   Here is my review:

Long after the Dark Wars have ended and peace has reigned, three young Welsh teenagers meet by chance. But is there more to their meeting than mere coincidence? And what will happen now the darkness has awoken?

‘The Embers of Enchantment: Destinies Entwined’ is a children’s fantasy book split into four parts and based in Wales. The first book, part I introduces the setting for the story and builds up the main plot and introduces the main characters. The book takes place in a fantasy world of Wales and features some of the Welsh language such as the town of Mwmbwls (Mumbles).

The story of the book is a really good one. Before the first chapter there is a prologue, a short piece of text about the Dark Wars before you are introduced to Dylan and his dragon Heulwen. The entire book is written in the third person and we are introduced to four main characters, Dylan (and Heulwen), Lizzie-Ann a white witch, Seren and Emyr. Each chapter focuses on one of the characters and is told from their viewpoint though always in the third person. The whole story is also in the past tense but strangely the first pages of chapter one use the present tense. I think the author was attempting to distance chapter one from the prologue, which happens some time earlier but it sounded odd to me, especially when the tense just switched.

The story in this book is more of a build up than an actual adventure yet. Dylan is training his dragon friend Heulwen, Emyr is learning about his past, Seren discovers something and Lizzie-Ann is an interesting character with a dragon companion. Although this book is more descriptive than some children’s books I’ve read, with a few words that some younger readers may not understand, this didn’t bother me. In fact I really felt engrossed in the fantasy world of Mwmbwls. As I said there are a few welsh words replacing English ones but there is a footnote to tell you what most of these are.

There are some lovely fantasy moments in this book and I’m surprised how engaged I was to read on. The dragons are my favourite part. I enjoyed the new take that dragons are bonded with one human on a soul level. Heulwen is a particularly fun character to read, being both cute and funny due to being a young dragon who cannot do many things we expect dragons to be able to do.

Most of the time books with many descriptive words and speeches involving a lot of adverbs bother me but I enjoyed the story in this book so much that I really didn’t mind them. Though the book isn’t as exciting as some it feels like a lovely old fashioned children’s novel with a wonderful fantasy adventure. To use the book’s title, this really feels like an enchanting story and I believe as the story continues in further books it will get more exciting.

The paperback book has a lovely cover which is also embossed making it feel special. Inside the book has a lovely black and white illustration at the start of every chapter. There is some lovely detail in these pictures and they have the same style as the image on the front cover.

Overall this is a lovely book but being part I the story you only just get into the story before it ends. We are introduced to the characters and to the sinister dark things that are happening but that is all before a cliffhanger ending leaving the words ‘To be continued’. While I’m no fan of these types of endings and I’d prefer the entire book to be one solid book rather than in parts, I am really looking forward to the Part II!

Rating: 5/5

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Book Blurb:

Darkness has awoken once again within the shadows. Three unlikely Welsh teenagers and a young dragon fall mysteriously into each other’s lives as destiny is forced to intervene. Lizzie-Ann the white witch of Mwmbwls is already aware of the impending threat they face, but even she doesn’t have all the answers. Dylan attempts to train his dragon Heulwen. Seren receives a gift from nature that no other magical being has received in centuries and Emyr uncovers a dark secret that has been kept from him his whole life. Let’s just hope they have enough time to prepare for what is to come. We all now depend on them! Including you!


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