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*I have no idea why I chose the above picture, just thought it was cute 😀

I thought I’d let everyone know that I’m doing my best to keep up with things here on my blog but I’m struggling to visit others or keep up with social media because I’m swamped with personal stuff at the moment.

So, apart from personal stuff getting in the way I’ve also been sent a lot of children’s books to review in the run up to Christmas.  I have a tbr pile of review requested books that I’m working through but doesn’t seem to go down and I’m struggling just a little bit to keep up with everything.

My birthday was a lovely day and thank you to all of you who sent well wishes it was very much appreciated.  My birthday has left me feeling good though and I’m looking forward to what’s happening with my blog….

I’m planning to split my blog in half!!!  What does that mean for all these blog posts, well actually nothing much will change.  This blog is all about book reviews, poetry and random posts I make about bigger (or not) issues.  But along with that I’ve had a lot of products that I’ve reviewed on amazon sitting in menus at the top of this blog.  Well, I’ve been working hard to reduce those menus down and basically move all that stuff into another blog…That’s right I’ll be running two blogs very soon.  One dedicated to reviewing things (absolutely anything random there) and this one will be better dedicated to books.  During the change over I will also update this place with a new theme, one that looks cleaner and easier to read than my current out of date Coraline theme!

I’m not done yet but that’s what I’m planning and currently working on.  Apart from that, I’m soon going to be hosting giveaways for some books that I’m going to be reviewing!!!  So stay tuned (if you want to) and I hope you’ll want to enter.   I’ve never hosted a giveaway before but to those who have may I ask a question?

Rafflecopter – good, bad, expensive-do I need to pay, how does it work, or should I not bother?

Because of everything I’m doing this blog still looks a mess at the moment so please forgive broken menus at the top if you visit the main site.  I’m going to release a bunch of children’s book reviews today and tomorrow and hopefully get some more reading done to keep up with my tbr pile too.  Apologies for the lack of more poetry of late.  I will return to posting more of it very soon, but hopefully another two or three weeks and I should be done – fingers crossed!

To anyone I’ve promised a review for or haven’t emailed back yet (eek I’m sooo behind :/ ), sorry I am late and will get to you as soon as I can.  I’m hoping t have this site all done up and ready before my official one year anniversary in December!!  Wish me luck 😀 !


11 thoughts on “Blog Update

  1. Maybe it’s time to consider partnering with another reviewer. Perhaps someone local. They could help with your TBR pile, plus keep you from succumbing to IBS (Irritable Blogger Syndrome.)

    Just a thought. Hang in there.

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    1. IBS lol I hadn’t thought that could be a condition bloggers have. Thank you for the idea. I’m fine honestly. I’ve stopped taking new requests until I get my pile down. I don’t actually mind all the books it’s just sometimes real life gets in the way and I take longer to read them than I anticipated. I don’t know anyone local who is into books and reviewing them unfortunately 😮

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    1. Thank you. Havign a bunch of reviews stuck together is part of the reason I’ve been a bit confused and all over the place. Hopefully spreading them apart will make it easier for me to run this blog which is the one I want to concentrate most on. :).. Sorry I haven’t been around lately much on the group and your blog. Facebook’s (or rather some people there) have left me feeling a bit… 😦

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      1. Thank you :). Facebook is strange. I think it’s more for very social people that’s why we probably don’t enjoy it so much. I’m not anti social but I think those of us who are maybe quieter or enjoy a lot of personal time don’t enjoy it so much. Oddly I don’t have such bad feelings for twitter. 🙂

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    1. Of course I won’t. Thank you for caring 🙂 ❤ In reality that other site will just be a separate place for item reviews rather than putting them on this site. I plan to keep up with this blog primarily, just non book stuff would be best placed away from what I hope to be a more book oriented blog 🙂

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    1. Thank you. It won’t be so hard as the product site will just be a place to put my product reviews. I plan to really put energy still into this blog. I just want it to be more geared towards books and not a variety of things :).

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