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Review: Online Business Startup by Robin Waite

online business startup

When I was first asked to review a book on request I had received two offers at the same time.  A paperback copy of this book ‘Online Business Startup’ was kindly sent to me by the author Robin Waite for a review.  This is an excellent business book which taught me a lot about how to make my blog more appealing to search engines and other interesting information.  Well worth getting I you plan to start an online business, here is my review:

This book is amazing, so simple to read and so helpful, anyone with just an interest in starting up their own online business should read this book!

I have dabbled in the idea of setting up my own business in the past, particularly when I just left education, and many people I know have an interest in become their own bosses and running their own businesses;. There are many books out there that claim to help show you how to do it, but I’ve picked up several books and tried to read them only to find myself lost in the boring long paragraphs of text or simply baffled by terminology or things that I just don’t know about. But this is where Robin Waite’s book is different. This book doesn’t contain mountains of text squashed together that make your eyes glaze over trying to understand it. Believe me, the way in which a book looks inside when you read it can make it pleasant or a nightmare to read. Instead there are 5 clear parts to the book, each with their own short chapters called ‘steps’. Each step or chapter is only a few pages long with clear short paragraphs which get to the point (without waffling on) and have ‘top tips’ and ‘case studies’ in bold print dotted around the text which make for very easy reading. Each step/chapter also has a quick summary at the end just to make sure you get everything that particular step/chapter is about. – I have read the paperback copy but the kindle version seems to be the same clear format🙂.

As I said there are 5 parts to this book: Strategy, Website, Site Launch Checklist, Review and Social Media.
The first part of this book (Strategy) contains lots of valuable information that any new business owner should know, regardless of whether you are going for an online business. What I truly love about this book is that it covers everything important. Plenty of books will focus on the big things, such as scaling up a business or how to market your business, but in this book you are led step by step to think about everything you need. Robin even points out the obvious which you may not have thought about such as making sure a company logo can print well out in black and white – such a simple thing to overlook in the excitement of starting up a business.

Starting out a business can be daunting enough, but starting an online business for many can be even more scary, particularly if you are new to the online world. But you don’t have to worry, the chapters in this book allow you to feel confident about setting up an online business, everything is told to you step by step in a way that just makes you understand it without struggling.

Each chapter is easy to read and even if you don’t quite know or understand something it will be explained to you in the next paragraph. I have found the information so valuable and learned so much that I simply didn’t know before. Even though I am not starting up my own business at the moment, reading this book has actually made me excited about the idea and really makes you feel that you CAN do it and that it’s not too hard or complicated. Some steps in this book have even helped me understand how to improve my ranking in the search engines of a personal website I am creating.

The best part of this book is that in no way do you every feel you are being talked down to, or feel stupid for not knowing or understanding something. The whole book just feels like a friend giving you step by step instructions on how to get it right.

I’d really recommend this book to anyone who is just interested in the idea of starting up a business. Even if you have read other books on business I’d urge you to read this one it really is invaluable.

Rating: 5/5

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Book Blurb:

ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUP isn’t just a how-to guide in online marketing or SEO… it contains everything an experienced entrepreneur wished he had known when he started in business. We are flooded with so much information in the digital world that it distracts us from the fundamentals of starting up and running a lean business. This book is ultimately an answer to the question “How can we quickly implement proven strategies for my online business, and avoid all the noise?” ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUP will teach you:

  1. Everything you need to start an online business without the wasted time, money and effort;
  2. How to find a trustworthy, reliable digital agency and guarantee a return on your investment;
  3. The 7 best tools for auditing and improving your website;
  4. How to plan and implement a successful social media strategy.

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