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Review: How to Get 100+ Reviewers for your Amazon Products with Just One Email by Zak Mustapha

how to get 100+ reviewers

I’ve reviewed a lot of books and have two more past reviews to share with you.  This book was released nearly a year back.  I appeared in it as a recommended reviewer.  Because of this I was kindly given a digital ARC copy by the author.  But over time it became known that the author of this book placed email contact details of both amazon US and UK reviewers without their permission.  While a few like me were asked, most were not.  As a result this book incurred many bad reviews and has since been pulled from the amazon UK site.  Given the fact that product reviews are now also coming to an end on amazons across the world this book has little value anymore.  However it’s one of the few early ones that never had a blog post dedicated to it so I thought I’d share this to reminisce as well as show how you can make mistakes and learn :).  Here is my review:

 I appear in this book, however, although I may be slightly biased towards this book I still think it deserves a high rating due to what is written inside and the following is still my honest opinion on this book:

The book title says it all, this book really will help anybody looking to get reviews for their products. Amazon reviews are important but finding the right reviewers and taking the time to actually find them and message them takes up a lot of valuable time, time which could be better spent elsewhere, particularly if you are a new business starting up. This is where Zak Mustapha’s book is so great. It explains all the hows and whys and helps you get those reviews in as little time as possible.

The book is very easy to read, no giant blocks of text that are boring, in fact it is written in such an easy way to read that you really feel a friend is telling you what to do which just helps you absorb the information better, I think. The book is also pretty short and to the point, you won’t be put off by its length

The book goes through explaining why reviews are so important to amazon sellers and exactly how to go about getting them. As well as key information on how to go about getting reviewers for your product, this book also has diagrams and it really makes the whole process seem so easy that even I feel that I could launch a product with the help of this book!🙂

Not only does the book go through the step by step process of getting those reviewers for your products but the author, Zak Mustapha, has even gone to the trouble of gathering the key contact information for you and various other bits of information you will need. After all this information there are also extra sections on what not to do when selling on amazon, all really valuable information much of which I hadn’t thought of but which makes sense now I’ve read about it.

Although I am mentioned in one particular section of this book, my 5 star rating comes from just how useful and readable this book is from the point of view of a seller. Before I ever reviewed on amazon I had considered selling online and should I ever follow down that route in the future I will re-read this book as it really does make everything easy to do and it really is a valuable book for anybody starting out as a seller on amazon. A great book I can recommend!🙂

EDIT (added in May 2016):  Although I still firmly give this book 5 stars for the information it provides about how to contact reviewers, it has been brought to my attention that even though I was asked whether I would like to appear in this book, other amazon reviews did not give their permission for their email addresses to be listed here.  This has resulted in mixed feelings from reviews regarding this book.

Original Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Description:

For & Only

Many Sellers struggle to find people to review their products.
Those that do, either waste days trying to find reviewers.
Or even worse, they pay people the full price of the product + the shipping just for the review. When they could have saved their money on something else.

Here’s where this book comes in.
We’ll save you the time you’ll spend finding reviewers
Show you how to contact them all in a matter of minutes
Show you how to send a product to a reviewer
A long with some tips for selling online

Who’s this book for?
So if you want to save your time which is non renewable for a small price of money (which you can make back in that time anyway) then this is for you.
If you want to save money in the long run then this book is for you (since people tend to buy products with high ratings, you don’t have time to waste trying to look for them, monthly fees will pile up if you don’t act fast). 


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