YAY! It’s My Birthday!


So today is my birthday and nearly a year since I launched my blog.  A LOT has happened in the last year.  This time last year I only just started gaining confidence in reviewing books and was really alone I didn’t know anyone and wasn’t really having much contact with anyone online…What a difference a Year makes!

My blog’s not quite ready for it’s revamp just yet.  I am thinking closer to the end of the year before that happens.  However in the mean time I thought I’d reminisce and show you just how far I’ve come with reviewing.  I have several book reviews I’ve never posted up on this blog and a couple I never posted more than a summary about.  So (If you’ll want to stick around) I’ll be posting up these reviews today and tomorrow (Monday).  The reviews are random and considering how I review now, they may seem quite different and perhaps some are shorter than they are now.  But they are still worth reading – at least I think so – so starting with ‘Moby Dick’ the very first book I ever reviewed, I hope you’ll enjoy reading these :).  I’ll post up my Moby Dick review in the next half hour with a few others coming soon too.


23 thoughts on “YAY! It’s My Birthday!

  1. Happy happy birthday, C! I agree with you that so much can happen in one year. It’s almost the end of 2016 as well, so I’m starting to reflect on everything that happened in the past months too.

    I hope you did something you enjoyed today. Best wishes to you in everything! ❤

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