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Please Stop All The Hate!


Hate Or Peace…

It’s two days until my birthday but I’m not feeling excited or happy.ย  I don’t feel I can celebrate at all and Sunday is set to be a sad day for me. I can’t celebrate my birthday, not because of the election results, but what those results are doing to people, or rather what people are doing to people…

I don’t usually speak publically about politics. Especially when it’s the politics of another nation. But what happened this week with the American elections echos the same feelings that came from the Brexit vote here in the UK. Feelings of anger and hatred for the result and people putting others down for voting what they believe in. Regardless of which side won .Hate and anger are never a solution…They just lead to more pain.

When the UK voted with a slim majority for Brexit, for Britain to leave the EU, it left me both shocked and sad. Was I happy with the decision made? No. I felt it bred more fear and hate against Eastern European immigrants, many of them my family. But when the Brexit vote happened I could have chosen to hate…to hate those that had voted Leave. I could have been angry at them, hate them, hurled insults at them; but I didn’t. I didn’t because hate wouldn’t solve anything. Me hating someone wouldn’t change their mind. In order to change someone’s mind you have to understand why someone does what they do, why someone votes the way they do. You can’t do that with hate.

The minute Donald Trump won the election to be the next president of the US I saw a surge in hate. I’ve purposefully lurked on social media for the last two days because I couldn’t deal with so much anger and hatred that people throw at each other. While many people commented on how sad and mournful the days are now that Trump will be president, others took to throwing direct insults with many, some my facebook friends, writing ‘Dear Trump Supporter’ letters which hurl not only anger but insults (some subtle some not) at those that voted for him.

Now I’m no Trump supporter. I disagree, for example, with the way he’s gone about building his golf course in Scotland, the things he’s called some of the local residents and the way he’s treated them is vile. But do I believe the man is someone to be hated?…No. While I do have my personal opinions on such matters (I enjoy debating politics until I’m blue in the face), I won’t lean either way because I have no right to state what is right or wrong in the politics of a country I’ve never lived in. Likewise when Brexit happened in this country I had no right to yell insults and hate at the people who voted Leave because I haven’t lived their lives and I know that there must be a reason behind someone’s vote.

The problem with Trump winning, as with Brexit, is that both were won by majority votes. And of all those that voted, many are well educated, intelligent people, and in the case of America, many of the voters were also women. There must have been a reason for their vote and hating and insulting those that did will not make things better. It won’t change their minds. So instead of hating maybe everyone should start asking and listening to why people voted the way they did.

There are many reasons for a person’s vote. Sometimes they may be valid points and sometimes they may not. Perhaps sometimes people like a candidate or maybe it’s a vote against something too. Those who voted for Clinton and now throw insults at Trump supporters seem to think it was because those people wanted Trump. But maybe it was an anti-Clinton vote? I’ve heard of many people stating they’d have happily voted for a different democrat candidate. But even if they had wanted Trump and Clinton had won…Would it be alright for them to hurl insults and hate towards Clinton voters?

Perhaps Trump won because the Clinton campaign wasn’t strong enough? How many regular people who now complain went out there pre-election and campaigned for Clinton? Sometimes a poor campaign can swing voters as has been suggested with Brexit. The Leave campaign was strong and had a lot of support, leafleting, stalls set up in my area alone. Where was the Remain campaign when this happened? I never saw a leaflet (bar the standard government one) or a stall or a person spouting a pro-Remain vote. Perhaps that’s why most people where I live voted for Leave.

When Brexit won in the UK it was a shock. But has anything significant happened yet? Of course anger and hatred on both sides has bred but politically little has happened yet. The same can be said of the US election. Even with Trump as president, how many of his outlandish ideas will he actually be able to carry out? Many politicians do a good job of talking, pledging all sorts of promises but how many are actually fulfilled versus those that are not? (The UK Liberal Democrats pledge on student fees comes to mind!).

It’s not my place to judge on whether the right or wrong person won the election. People have a right to believe what they believe. There will always be those on both sides feeling hurt, betrayal and anger towards the results of any vote. And believe me, I struggle with those feelings myself when I feel that the ‘wrong’ vote wins…But is hate the answer? Is it right to hate our fellow country men and women? Is it going to solve anything by insulting others, posting nasty abusive comments and unfriending people just because of their political stance? Is it going to fix our countries which are ‘broken’ by these votes?

The only way you can truly unify a country is to listen to others. To respect other people decisions and to listen to why they made them. And that doesn’t mean listening for the sake of arguing back. It means listening to understand. Only then can you start to fix something. Only then can you work on what is broken and fix it.

Nothing good ever comes from hate. But it’s hate that is ruling the world right now. And it has to stop…For all our sakes.

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27 thoughts on “Please Stop All The Hate!

  1. Belated Happy Birthday…….. ๐Ÿ˜€
    its true that the real unfortunate and sad thing is not the result but the reaction of people…….nobody deserves this hate…..the results are the outcome of adopted procedures……if you don’t like it, draft a bill, file petition, bring a revolution…….why bother the fellow citizens and defame, deface your beloved country………only working together can bring sustainable and substantial change……
    great post! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Hi,
    You came by recently and liked my post 79 Ways to Get Free Blog Traffic. Thank you for the “like” and the visit.
    I am torn about responding to what you’ve written. I would like to do so, but I am an American who voted for Clinton. Did I campaign for her? I left my house to go campaign for her. Due to a series of unfortunate events, I didn’t do it. I also believed the polls saying she was ahead.
    Now I am circulating a petition to try to get Donald’s election overturned. It probably won’t work, but it’s an action I can take. Again, I am trying.
    As far as the rest of my response, why I feel as strongly as I do, I will contain it.
    Happy Belated Birthday. I agree with the commenter who said you shouldn’t let this or any other election ruin your birthday.

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    1. Thank you so much for visiting. Please don’t feel afraid to post your full response. I welcome all sides and I’m sorry if my own post and comments sounded one sided, it was not my intention. When I visited Facebook in the days after the election I noticed many Clinton supporters calling others names like bigot. Friends on both sides of the election had others unfriend them over their political beliefs and it was my hope to bring a bit of peace to such events with my post. As a UK citizen I feel unqualified to decide on what is best for another country (i wasn’t afan of either candidate myself) so I was also trying to get those who don’t live in America to leave this debate to those that will be affected by the election.
      You said you wanted to go out to campaign which already shows you were very active in your support for Clinton that’s absolutely great and completely your right. I do not mind peaceful protest at all we’ve had some here after Brexit but it’s the true hatred and verbal/physical violence I want to stop. It is your choice if you would like to share more of why you voted for Clinton, I’d welcome hearing from the opposing view to some here. I wouldn’t ever let any hateful comments from others sit here, I’d delete them if you were worried, I want my blog to be a friendly place where there can he deep but respectful discussions :).
      Either way thank you for visiting and for the birthday wishes. I did take some time off yesterday and had a great day ๐Ÿ™‚ !

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  3. “The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” Winston Churchill

    In an election or indeed a referendum if both sides talk trash and not policy the majority of the people voting won’t have a clue what they are actually voting for. Those in power (or those that covert it) treat the average populace as idiots and those who are make no effort to find the facts for themselves. Even worse is an individual or party that comes to power on the back of policy that they later abandon once they take the crown without any punishment for doing so.

    In the case of Trump/Clinton, I think the (or at least one of the) significant issues is that Clinton won the popular vote (received the most overall number of votes) yet Trump won because of the particular flavour of democracy the US once held dear.

    We here in the UK had a similar dilemma with the whole Proportional Representation (PR) / Alternative Vote (AV), both of which are flawed and now the Tories want to redraw county borders to “balance the number of people in each constituency” or from a more cynical view if you know who votes for who and where they live you can win the next election by just altering the map.

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    1. Thank you for commenting. It’s a tough issue which has led to so much debate. Clinton may have had the popular vote but at the same time she actually wasn’t that popular. Bernie Sanders the other democrat candidate was far more popular than her and many voters who may have wanted to vote for Sanders didn’t want Clinton and instead decided to go with Trump. As for the UK, the alternative vote system – and the referendum on that, is completely flawed, though I do wonder what is wrong with proportional representation? It’s something that seems far fairer to me. The redrawing of boundaries though is conveniently going to be done by the tories before the next election. If it was done by someone independent than maybe (and I stress the Maybe) it would be fair but at the same time it’s a daft thing to do and why only now after so many, many years of having the boundaries where they are. One thing that bothers me about British elections is that the leader cannot be chosen separately from the MP that runs your local area. I’ve had a useless MP in both areas I’ve recently lived in now who hasn’t been able to help with some very specific things that MPs usually help with. If the areas weren’t ‘safe seats’ then maybe the MPs would do more work. Whatever the case, which ever coutry, politics is still very corrupt and I just hate the fact that so many people are arguing amongst each other over who voted. It was a democratic vote afterall and regardless of who won and whether we agree with the results, people will never move on and the world will not be at peace if there is hatred thrown at each other. How can the West possibly ask other countries to have peace if they cannot show it themselves! :/


    1. Thank you. I’ll take a look at your post later today. You have every right to vote for either candidate. The USA is a democracy after all. But you shouldn’t have to feel the need to justify your reasons for voting, unless you want to of course. Either way I o hope that people on both sides start to get along and realise that the future can only improve if we have peace and tolerance for each other’s beliefs and choices of vote :).

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      1. Thanks so much C! Yes, I want people to know I’ve not been fooled by our VERY biased media. And the “machine” that got Obama elected twice is very crooked. We were naive last election and Mitt Romney was too “nice” to stand up to them. Donald was brilliant and the more they accosted us (calling us a basket of deplorables) the more people got on board!
        But the hate must stop. When us conservatives lost the last two elections, we never rioted or had cry-ins. Those events are being paid for by George Soros who wants to take down America. Obama and Hillary are his greedy puppets.
        While we vote in a democratic way, we really are a Republic. Thus the electoral college to fight the corruption! And it’s worked this time. Again, no matter, the hate must stop!!!

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      2. True there should be peace regardless of who wins. It was a democratic vote so in the UK even if I hated the winner of an election I do have to accept the fact that this candidate won and hope for a change in the next election. I don’t know much about the corruption though I’ve heard of it from other people, sounds interesting and makes me wonder what government elections around the world are completely un-corrupted ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

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      3. Lol, very true! No place on earth is in-corrupt. It’s the nature of mankind! President elect Trump actually has an excellent 30 year working history if you compare him to Hillary Clinton. I asked people what has she ever really done. They can’t say. Donald has built a beautiful empire and has absolutely amazing adult children. I believe he is a man of his word and I’m hoping for positive things to make life better in the United States and a little better around the world.

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  4. I’m sorry your birthday was made less because of the American vote and the people who are choosing hatred. It confuses me because one of the main reasons people said they wouldn’t vote for Trump was because he was a candidate of hate and then some of these same people have shown nothing but hate, hurting others. It is a complete heart issue for all involved. We all had freedom to vote what we believed and that shouldn’t be met with hatred.

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    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s such a shame, particularly this time of year with people in America having thanksgiving and then Christmas is not far off – usually a time of peace. I just hope that all those that are showing the hate learn that nothing good comes of it and you cannot fix the problems of a nation by hating others for their beliefs. Thank yo uagain for commenting, ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. The hate was there all the time boiling…now the kettle has burst…Why do you want to punish yourself for the wrong committed by others? Celebrate your birthday and thank God that you are alive and you can write. There is a lot of bad in the world because good people are silent. If you cannot raise your voice, raise your pen and write.. Also read to know what others think, this is what my papa told me when I was a kid. When you write, you tell what you know. When you read, you learn what you do not know.
    It was nice reading you. I โค๏ธ your article. It is good and informative. Keep it up!

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  6. Someone summed it up this way:

    โ€œThe world voted for Hillary, America voted for Trump. Unfortunately this wasn’t a United Nations election!”

    There are those of us who feel the same way about Brexit and the US elections. That the UK should have remained and Hillary won the US Presidential election.

    While Hillary won the popular votes she didn’t have the required number of electoral college votes to win the election.

    We just have to face the realities of a Changing America and of a changing World. Nothing would ever remain the same again. Only love can heal us of our differences.

    This peaceful piece is awesome… ๐Ÿ‘

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    1. Thank you. Indeed as you say: love can heal us of our differences, but until we are ready to at least be tolerant of each others beliefs and choices there will just be more hurt :(. I really hope people will realise that there’s no point in senselessly arguing with each other. Thank you again for reading :).

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