One Week To Go…


Today marks one week until my birthday which will hopefully be more fun than the last year when my blog had yet to gain any real visitors.  To go with the (eventual) revamp of this site, which won’t happen before next week, I’m going to be switching some things up and basically not have pages for book reviews but just blog posts that I’ll link to with menus.  It doesn’t matter if that doesn’t make sense, all that matters is that I’d like to post a few old book reviews that were never posted on this blog but I did write on amazon.  I was panning on sharing my first ever review – for Moby Dick, for my birthday anyway, to show you how far my reviewing has come.  And this will make the change of layout for my blog even easier to do.

I have two book giveaways planned for late November/Early December onwards plus possibly some other things to relaunch my blogs new look.  For those with sharp eyes you may have noticed that the main page menus are a of a mess.  I’ll explain it when I’m done rearranging but for now it’s not a good idea to go there, lots of broken links, etc.

I hope even older reviews that never made it to this blog will be of interest to you all.  I should be more active next week.  In the meantime have a great week everyone!!!! ❤ 🙂


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