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Review: An Unlikely Friendship – The Fidori Trilogy Book 1 by Jasmine Fogwell


I was sent a free paperback copy of this book for a review by the author Jasmine Fogwell.  It’s an enchanting tale and the start of a trilogy I look forward to reading.

After moving back to Nemesté James and his parents’ new home is an inn. But while staying there James is told to stay away from the strange old lady who lives upstairs. Why are the villagers all so afraid of her and could James and the old lady share more in common than they think?

This is a lovely children’s book with such an imaginative story. ‘An Unlikely Friendship’ is the first book in The Fidori Trilogy. The book follows James as his own curiosity gets the better of him and he meets the old lady who lives upstairs, Rionzi DuCrét. As the two get to know each other they learn that they both share a secret about some creatures they have met.

The story is really imaginative. I’ve read a lot of books aimed at children but it’s been a long time since I felt I’d entered a new world full of wonderful creatures and I can’t wait to read the rest of the trilogy. The new creatures, the fidoris, are well imagined and believable despite being quite different to humans. The whole story flows really well and I wanted to read on to see what happened. Unfortunately the end of the book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger which I don’t really like especially for a children’s book. You will need to read book two to see what happens. The first chapter of book two is included in the back.

The book is really well written and has quite large easy to read text in the paperback version I have. There are a few black and white drawings throughout the book which look like the image on the front cover. These really lend nicely to the story and I love the original artwork.

Overall I like this book. I really like the imaginative story and am looking forward to where it is going. The story is easy to read from the start but isn’t as exciting as I had hoped, perhaps due to a lot of characters having long flashback thoughts and talks rather than present action. I’m hoping this changes in book two. A lovely and very imaginative story which many kids (and even some adults) will enjoy.

Rating: 5/5

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Book blurb:

While living in the old inn of Nemesté, James discovers that he and his parents are not the only ones calling the inn home. On the third floor lives a mysteriously old lady named Rionzi DuCrét. Though Rionzi is feared by the villagers and confined to her room, she and James strike up an unlikely friendship and soon discover that they have both befriended leafy, mushroom footed creatures in the woods called ‘Fidoris.’ But the friendship is threatened as Rionzi grows suspicious of James’s claim of a certain Fidori sighting. How could he have found out about her deepest secret? Have the villagers set a trap for her to finally prove that she is insane?


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