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Review: The Chrstmas Eve Tree by Delia Huddy & Emily Sutton


I was sent a free copy of this book by the publisher Walker Books for a review.  It is a Christmas tale which everyone may enjoy, here is my review.

It’s Christmas Eve and all the fir trees have found a home except for one poor and crooked little tree. But then someone comes who doesn’t mind that this tree doesn’t look like the others…

This is quite a large book, A4 in height and slightly wider than A4 it has thick non-glossy pages with beautiful illustrations. This is a lovely tale showing the true Christmas spirit. The little fir tree has a terrible start and doesn’t grow up well like all the other trees in the forest, so when it is cut down nobody wants to take it home. The story is told so well you feel sorry for this poor tree. But then at the last minute the tree is saved from being thrown away by a boy who doesn’t seem to mind what the tree looks like. As the story progresses you find out that the boy is homeless and the tree something that brings everyone together to enjoy the spirit of Christmas.

eve1 eve2

I enjoyed this tale. It’s heart warming and has a lovely ending which some reviewers seem to have missed. SPOILER ALERT, the rest of this paragraph will reveal the entire plot. Many reviewers have commented that this is a terrible story as it has a bleak message of homelessness. While there is the story of a homeless boy enjoying the tree, a boy who may eat only at a soup kitchen and not have a grand dinner of turkey, the story message seems to have been missed. Personally I’ve grown up in poverty so I understand that the message is about hope. That no matter how bleak your Christmas time may be, the Christmas spirit is there and makes us forget all our worries as we come together to enjoy singing carols around the Christmas tree, etc. The little fir tree almost dies at the end of the story but is planted in a park where it flourishes and grows into a large tree. What reviewers have also missed is the little image of the boy on the last page, now grown up, smiling at the tree, evidence that he’s alright.


The whole story has a happy ending and I like the idea that a crooked tree can find it has a wonderful life after such a horrible start. It’s a great message of hope for anyone who’s own life starts out crooked, or who feels like they are the little tree themselves. It’s also just a great story that puts a smile on your face as you read it. The illustrations are really lovely, I like the slightly old fashioned feel to the book and think people read more into the story than how it’s supposed to be taken.


I really enjoyed this tale and have already read it over and over, still enjoying the story. I would recommend it as a heart warming tale about hope and the Christmas spirit.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book blurb:

It’s late on Christmas Eve, and the little fir tree is the only tree left in the shop.  What a poor, crooked thing I am, it thinks.  But then in comes a young boy who doesn’t seem to mind that the little tree isn’t tall and straight like the others…


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