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Review: The Wolf and the Fairy by Catherine Green


I was kindly sent a free digital copy of this short story via the author’s own website.  The Wolf and the Fairy is a paranormal short story referred to as ‘A Contemporary Adult Fairy Tale’.  Apart from a paranormal tale there’s also romance – sort of.  Here is my review:

Tania is a werewolf hunting fairy. When her last encounter with wolves leaves her bruised and battered, will she realise that someone’s been watching her? And who?

I wanted to read a quick short story for Halloween and opted for this one as it was offered. ‘The Wolf and the Fairy’ sounds like an interesting paranormal story but it’s more a paranormal romance with the romance being a little more erotica style (though nothing really explicit) than I had expected. The story follows Tania a fairy who hunts and slays werewolves as part of the ‘family business’. I won’t go into too much detail as this is a short story but the romance part picks up after she’s fought with some werewolves.

The setting is good and I like the new twist on fairies being tougher than the typical fairy/pixie kind of image I’m used to with paranormal stories. The overall plot for the story isn’t bad either but I did struggle with this story. There were several conversations in the story, always between two people. While the actual conversations were good and sounded real, I was always reminded of who was talking. While it’s important not to be lost as to who’s talking, the conversations were only ever between two people so I knew who was talking but every piece of speech involved a ‘he/she said’ moment which detracted from the overall mood of the characters.

I also didn’t enjoy the romance parts so much. I do love romance stories and I thought, as I was reading this, it was going to be a paranormal romance but the romance was more like mild erotica. Now while I’m not a fan of erotica I do enjoy a good romance even sometimes with a bit of sex thrown in but this felt more lust filled rather than romantic and more geared towards erotic physical feelings rather than the emotional romance I prefer to read. There’s nothing in the description that says this is even a romance so this surprised me; as did the sudden location change in one scene from kitchen to living room.

Overall this isn’t a bad story. The basic idea of a fairy hunting werewolves is original and I enjoyed the paranormal parts of this book. However this isn’t a story I personally enjoyed. If you enjoy paranormal romance where the romance is more on the physical side than you’ll probably enjoy this story, it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

Rating: 2/5

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Author’s website:

Story Description:

She is a werewolf hunter, descended from ancient fairies, destined to fulfill her role in the family business. He is a lone wolf, his family brutally torn away, revenge his motivation for existence.

The fairy and the wolf come together in a violent union as this modern, adult fairy tale gives us an alternative account of life in ancient Britain, and how it has evolved in the present day.


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