Happymeerkatreviews Update

I wanted to update everyone who follows my blog with what’ll be happening in the next couple of months.  I’m very busy offline so I’m putting in as much online work as I can to get reviews done and other posts.  Apart from celebrating my one year blogging anniversary and my birthday soon I also plan to revamp this blog with a new theme and change over the pages and general look a bit.  This will result in this blog looking a bit messed up – broken links perhaps (but only on the pages not blog posts) and rearrangement of the pages or sidebar over time, etc, etc. I’ll try to keep everything as neat as possible but just in case here’s a warning and I’m going to make this post sticky for the next few weeks.  Of course if you follow this site by reading blog posts in the reader or in emails then you’ll not notice a thing (hopefully!) but in case you visit the main site – expect chaos (well mini-chaos)!   I’ll still be visiting other blogs as and when I can and will be posting up reviews and poetry and the like, though reviews might still come out in blocks (like lots of kids books at once).  I hope to get the new theme and look up before the end of the year.  I’d say end of November but with my offline schedule at the moment, that seems unlikely.  Hope you’ll continue to enjoy my posts and thank you everyone for following this blog – you keep me going and enjoying what I do 🙂 ❤

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