Poetry: Unnoticed



If I was gone, would you notice?

Would you look deep inside?

See the truth beyond the,

Lies I behind hide?

Would you hear the silent voice?

Notice I had not spoken?

Could you see beyond my being?

Realise I am broken?

Do you even care at all?

I’m there to do what you bid.

The moment I stand against you,

I’m something to be rid.

Did you ever want me there?

A part of your own life?

Wanted my honestly,

Now you show the knife.

Now I know the truth,

You never wanted me.

Wanted someone else,

Who saw what you did see.

If I was gone, would you notice?

I realise it now, too late.

Your ignoring, indifference and hatred,

Now has sealed my fate.


9 thoughts on “Poetry: Unnoticed

  1. I’d notice if you’re missing,
    I’d search for your reviews.
    For honest words I’m listening,
    Of stories that imbue,
    A sense of joy and wonder,
    Of tension built up high,
    Of darkness from down under,
    That heroes can deny.
    The scenes must leave us hanging,
    The characters must be flawed,
    The plot must keep us dangling,
    Until we are open jawed.

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