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Review: Good Night Like This by Mary Murphy


I was kindly sent this children’s bedtime book for review by the publisher Walker Books.  Here is my review:

This is a lovely bedtime book to read with kids. A touch wider and shorter than A4 in size this book is filled with thick, glossy, colourful pages. Each double page follows the same familiar pattern. There is a picture of an animal with it’s baby but where these animals sit there is a half page in the book. At first there is a short half rhyme with a picture of the baby animal awake. Turn the half page and then you see the baby asleep with a goodnight message to them. The half page is so well illustrated that when you turn it, the images blend into the page. My photos will show you how this works.
Every page follows this familiar pattern and it’s a joy to read for example, the first animals are rabbits. ‘Yawning and dozy, twitchy and cosy. Goodnight, rabbits, like this…’ Turning the half page, baby rabbit is asleep with the message ‘like this.’ And a speech bubble with ‘Good night’ Every page has a rhyme and then follows the same goodnight…like this pattern. The animals are all different and the illustrations are so lovely.

Cats, fireflies, ducks and bears are some of the animals in this book. Apart from being so beautifully illustrated the familiar words are large and easy for kids to read along together. The repetitive ‘good night’ hopefully leading to kids feeling sleepy too. The last page has some sparkles on it and the whole book just makes me smile every time I look at it. I love the cute illustrations and would recommend this as a great bedtime book.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book blurb:

Feeling yaaaawny, oh so snorey-snorey?  Time to cuddle up close and snuggle down deep.  Good night, little one, sleep tight.


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