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Review: Fifty Nifty Facts About Cats

I’m trying out a new format for posting reviews (more speedy for me).  Please let me know what you think.  I’m planning to revamp this site and change the theme too – eventually, so a new format trial today with a lovely book:


I got free copy of this book via NetGalley to read for review.  It’s a lovely book although I have no way of showing you the internal pictures without photographing my ereader (which I don’t think is allowed) but hope on over to amazon’s look inside feature to see some great images of this.

‘Fifty Nifty Facts About Cats’ is a cute and informative read for anyone who loves cats.  Though this is aimed at children a lot of adults will enjoy this book.

As the title suggests this book has fifty different facts about cats.  The facts are displayed one at a time along with a cute and sometimes funny picture of a cat.  Although most of the facts are simple ones that I already knew such as: Cats use their tail for balance, I was surprised to find I didn’t know all there is to know about cats, despite owning cats my whole life and them being my favourite animal.  There were several facts I didn’t know including one about sea water.

Although the facts are informative this book is worth getting due to the beautiful photography.  The photos all have the same quality as the one on the front cover.  Each fact is accompanied by a photo of a cat (or occasionally cats) in different positions.  A fact about milk shows a cat drinking milk, but some photos are far funnier such as the first one being a wet cat looking very grumpy, or a very fat cat sitting upright (like a human) on a sofa.  It’s these photographs that really make this book worth getting as they’re not only cute and funny but also really detailed.  One photograph has such detail you can see the individual tiny bumps on a cats nose.

This book is a short but fun read and perfect for kids especially if the family is about to get a kitten or cat, and although this is aimed at children, I can see many adults enjoying the beautiful photographs in this too!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on Goodreads, click here

Book Blurb:

Cats have lived with humans for almost ten thousand years, and in that time we’ve learned a lot about our furry friends.Did you know cats have a dominant paw?That cat spit causes allergies?That cats shouldn’t drink coffee?Discover these nifty facts and many more in this delightfully colorful, picture-packed exploration of America’s most popular pet! 


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