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What’s in a Name? Is it Important to get it right? (yep it’s-Respect the Reviewer…again!)

respect cat

I have a question:  Is it important to get someone’s name right when requesting something from them like a review?

Today I’ve received another review request, nothing strange about that, until it came to the name at the top of the request.  Now I’m used to people addressing me with no name, even dear reviewer or dear blogger, I’ve been called thehappymeerkat, C, Meerkat but until now I’ve never had an author get my name wrong.  I wasn’t sure to make of it and wondered if this was a big deal to just me or anyone else?

Remember that Respect the Reviewer article I published a while back?  Here’s point 5: Get the name right! – This might sound ridiculously obvious but make sure if you’re going to send a request for review that you get their name right. – A personal request to me is always appreciated and I love it when people call me by name rather than my username or website name, it shows they’ve taken the time to read both my about page and review submissions page, however make sure if you are going to address someone specific that you get their name right. I’ve had authors call me different names, mix me up with others they’ve seen. It shows that once again they can’t be bothered to take the time to read my about and submissions pages which doesn’t take long. If in doubt as to what to call someone it’s better to say ‘Hi’ and nothing more than give the wrong name.

So this I thought was important.  But now I wonder if it is just me?

I’ve had Chinese sellers get my name wrong but I’ve always put that down to a weird language barrier and their habit of mass emailing people.  But someone who speaks English, who’s native tongue is English and who is an author looking for a review?  Well surely they should get your name right?

Why am I going on about this.  Because the first review request since my ban/cautiousness about indie author requests starts with ‘Hi there Kent’….Kent?


Ok, I admit, I come from Kent in the south east of the UK, but that is information only found on Goodreads and amazon.  It doesn’t appear on my facebook page, twitter or this blog, so where on earth did this author get the idea to call me Kent?

Were they referring to where I live, or did they mix me up with some guy who’s actually called Kent?  Did they try to call me by a surname – would my first name be Clark?  (ok bad attempt at funny)  But the fact is I’ve been called KENT!  So this author shows a great attention to detail, the ability to spend two minutes, nay two seconds to check out my name on my about me page (it’s the first line on that page), but instead they choose to call me Kent instead.  Not a great start and do I really feel like taking the time to carefully read someone else’s work if they can’t carefully read a few sentences of mine?

Any thoughts?

Reviewers- do you care if authors call you the right name?

Authors- do you care about calling someone by their name?  Or are reviewer names unimportant in the grand scheme of things.

Anyone else?  Any thoughts?  Do you agree the name is important?  Wouldn’t no name be better than the wrong name?


19 thoughts on “What’s in a Name? Is it Important to get it right? (yep it’s-Respect the Reviewer…again!)

  1. YES!! Very annoying :@
    People tend to mispronounce my name often and I’m ok with that. But it’s a whole different ball game when you mis-type my name when you’ve just got my email address right! What’s up with that?
    Personally, I hate getting names wrong be it pronunciation or typo. I even take it a step further….I’m on someone’s case if they call someone else by the wrong name 😛
    Sorry pal 😦

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  2. I have a feeling that it was accidental but still if you are contacting someone to perform a service for you, I would think that you would double and triple check that you have important information like this correct.

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  3. LOL @ Kent!! I’m being called Anna a lot, but that’s okay, it could technically just be a typo. A few weeks ago, though, an author I had worked with before started his email with ‘Dear Rae’. And then started talking about his pleasant experience of having worked with me before (and about updates on new reviews of his book which I had already reviewed and gave a low rating)…I never replied to it, because it was obvious to me that he was just copying and pasting without actually looking at who he was sending things to. Not cool!

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      1. Definitely. I got a request this morning which says: “I think you’d be willing to review this one”. A. You think or you hope?? B. My contact page clearly states I’m unavailable until further notice. UGH!
        I highly doubt ‘yours’ got the names mixed up 😉

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  4. IMHO, it is annoying when someone gets one’s name wrong, under any circumstances.
    That said, I suspect they called you ‘Kent’ because when one hovers over your cut meerkat photo, it states Kent, UK …. and that makes me suspect that English might not be their first language and/or they are not familiar with England.
    C, you can always do as you threatened and review their book and attribute it to wherever the author lives :-)))

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    1. Lol, I might just do that :)! And I can say that this author doesn’t live in the UK but they do come from an English speaking country. I didn’t know it says Kent when you hover over my picture. Is that on wordpress? I’ve never noticed it before

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  5. I get called Vicky all the time. 🙂 I tend to laugh it off. But no one has called me Winchester before. 🙂 ( That’s the town I live in) Sometimes when I am writing fast I sign my own name Vikci lol That would be embarrassing if I didn’t fix that error. I find the emails fun to get, even when they call me by the misspelled name. Life is too short. My mother in law wrote my name wrong on every birthday card she gave me. Not sure if that was deliberate or not. I just laughed.

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  6. Names are one of those things that probably aren’t too terribly important – until you get it wrong.

    Then it’s VERY important.

    For example, if somebody doesn’t know how you prefer to be addressed, they might try to figure that out from your websites but they still run the mistake of getting it wrong. Or if they were trying to submit to 10 different reviewer’s, they may have accidentally sent the review to the wrong name. It happens. It doesn’t make it right but it just shows their level of attentiveness is a little less than it should be.

    Always get the name right. Always.

    But even I get the names wrong sometimes.

    I was doing some tweets on behalf of a friend, to draw attention to a post of theirs, and I had recently done a profile of another friend. Well I copy pasted the tweets and used the wrong name. So I was sending people to friend A’s article but calling her friend B.

    About 35 times throughout the day as I copy pasted the tweets.

    That was embarrassing. When the mistake was pointed out to me, I acknowledged it and tweeted about what an idiot I was and did about 20 more tweets with the correct name.

    Then I asked a third friend how big of a deal it was. All the third friend could say was, “You called her by the wrong name!”

    We are all human and mistakes are gonna happen. This was a friend of mine, and because I was doing two things at once, I put the wrong name in the tweets and copy pasted it several times and embarrassed the hell out of myself. But we’re all human so we’re all going to make mistakes.

    Most of you will be smart enough not to make a mistake like that.

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  7. Yes, I like to be called the right name, either my personal name or blog name but as my about page has my personal name on it I prefer to receive requests with that as it’s shows the author or whoever is contacting you has taken the time to actually look at and read your blog info to see if you are a good fit for their book and not just gone straight to the contact info and sent a generic email out.

    I didn’t get called the wrong name but a few weeks ago I received a request that started “dear reviewer/blogger if I’ve contacted you before then please ignore this” blah blah blah and that really annoyed me as I’d actually dealt with the person before doing two posts for them and they should take note of what bloggers they’ve actually contacted before but a generic email sent out to lots of bloggers isn’t personal and you can’t try and cultivate a dialogue with someone who doesn’t read your blog properly.

    And, I’m not an author just a humble reviewer with a small blog but I’d hope that no authors who read your post answer that reviewer names aren’t important as yes, they are and if any do think the name of the reviewer is unimportant then I’d ask how would you feel if when we wrote the review for your book we got your name wrong.

    Well, that’s my opinion Kent!😂 – Sorry, no offence, it’s meant as a joke.😀

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    1. Lol, no offence taken, but I did take offence to the author who called me that. You’re absolutely right, authors wouldn’t like us to get their names wrong. Part of me would love to call that author by where they live (I can see where they live via their amazon profile) just to annoy them and make a point :p lol

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