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To Clarify Yesterday’s Indie Post

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support.  I appreciate that you can all understand the position I’ve been put in and thank you for the kind comments and personal messages too.  I will reply to them all soon I just wanted to clarify yesterday’s post as I want to be clear what’s happening.

I’m not abandoning all indie books for review.  But I will be more cautious about who I accept in the future.  I need to know people are genuinely fine with the possibility of a 1,2 or even 3 star review.  I may not give that rating but it has to be something an author is ready for as I have to be able to review giving an honest opinion.  I will also be reviewing books as I originally started, rating them and then contacting the author.  It messes my head to do it any other way and I hope this will sit well with people here.

My to-be-read pile is too large at the moment so I’m going to work on reducing that first.  I’ll be updating my review submissions page – It’s currently unavailable but I’m going to repost it with new information later today explaining everything plus stating that I want to review books that have gone through some thorough editing.  For those who’ve commented recently on editing this has to be done thoroughly but it doesn’t mean a writer needs a professional editing.  But there DOES need to be someone looking at the book with a very critical eye – someone who’s willing to be brutally honest and not say everything’s fine.

The wonderful person running the Book Review Directory has said I can stay on the directory!  So I’ll be reposting that badge 🙂 !  I’ve also now joined NetGalley!  This will give me a chance to try out some great new releases, which I’m excited about, plus I get to display this wonderful badge on my blog (I know most bloggers already have this badge, but it’s new to me so I’m excited!).


I hope you will continue to enjoy reading my reviews regardless of whether they are by indie authors or traditional.  Along with that I still have all my usual poetry and ‘other musings’ (whatever they may be).  Thank you again, it takes some time to feel better but I feel like I’m back on the way up, and with such support here I’m sure I’ll bounce back sooner than I would if there had been a whole load of negativity thrown my way.


9 thoughts on “To Clarify Yesterday’s Indie Post

  1. I am happy to see that you are feeling a bit more positive and that things are going to settle down. I will continue to read your reviews, I like how you review books. Take care and have a wonderful day today. 🙂

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